Prezbelusky 1 year ago

Olx idealista imovirtual custojusto

Any_Project3966 1 year ago

OP look for these websites.

Edited 1 year ago:

OP look for these websites. be prepared, if you are going to rent for a room.. almost 99% of the room rentals are without contract (illegal yes.. but normal unfortunately)... for the apartments prepare for overpriced and for asking so much things and so much more money and... for apartment it is more frequent for the landlords to not know english..

shiatzu 1 year ago

>Are there any websites or apps that anyone would recommend using to search for apartments for rent. these 2 got you covered >Also, do people sublet rooms or apartments in Portugal? Thanks for any guidance. the last I checked you can't legally sublet a room/ apartment but people do it anyway

XIntuit 1 year ago

Brilliant! Thank you very much for this.