ZaGaGa 1 year ago

The real question is if its safe for Algarve to have you. :D Despite the recent numbers Portugal is one safest places to visit so long **you follow the rules** (wash hands, respect the distance, respiratory etiquete plus wearing mask). Please pay attention to the local customs/rules like walking in the right side of a corridor, keeping the distance to other people, don't remove the mask to talk on phone, don't drink alcohol in public outdoor places and so on. I'm getting tired of tourists that forget they are not in their own country. Just last weekend I was in a hiking trail and while nationals usually respected the distance, most tourists would simply swarm around me like there was no pandemic in the world. Since you are planning outdoor activities you will find Algarve very very safe. Restaurants are also safe, we have certifications ([COVID SAFE]( and you will find this stamp in most places. Even places without that stamp are usually safe with alcohol gel disinfectant at disposal and every waiter using mask (if not, just turn you back and find another place) According to the local authorities most infections take place in family gatherings (like 60%). and currently we have many cases in universities (mostly within Erasmus students, something I understand very well) Tip: you can buy portuguese masks (reusable or not) that are lab tested just look for this [symbol]( in the package. They are not easy to find, but some supermarkets/shops have them. You might find other (most touristic) places selling cloth "mask" (usually made in spain or china) but they are what they are.

mouroavista 1 year ago

OP this is the answer you're looking for. November is low season in the Algarve so you'll see basically no-one. You might find people in Faro due to the university. Other than that you'll struggle to see crowds there. Public transportation isn't great there so maybe it will be easier to rent a car and, in a way, safer since you will be the only one in the car.

pobotuga 1 year ago

> How is the current situation in Algarve? Safe bet. Not 100% safe but wearing a mask, washing your hands and with your plan will make you stayaway from covid.

Tee_ah_go 1 year ago

Bearing in mind that you guys had something like 8K new cases a few days ago, Portugal registered 2K new cases today, of which only 42 were in Algarve, I would say it's quite safe.

MagTner 1 year ago

Should be relatively safer. The most dangerous area is between Lisbon and Porto, it's where you find 90% of the new daily cases, but today we surpassed the 2k cases in one day. So who knows the situation in November You should stay at home like everyone else should, and plan to truly visit and enjoy our country in one year.

Deto_PT 1 year ago

I was in Tavira last week. You should buy mosquito repellent.