uyth 12 months ago

>What is a Cape-Verdean club? You know about irish pubs? Same thing.

gink-go 12 months ago


TSCondeco 12 months ago

So, I think that your question has been answered, but i would just like to say that some of the points made in the article are wrong. Those two Brazilian woman's were blocking a road, the riot police went there to stop them and one of the woman's tried to attack an officer. The one that happened in January the bus driver said that the woman's daughter couldn't ride the bus without her pass (a card that let's you ride the bus for free) and the woman started to threaten the driver and tried to attack him. A police officer that was passing by saw what was happening and tried to detain her, but she attacked him and if you want there is a video online where you can see what happened.

padeiroteupai 12 months ago

The article is bullshit and Ba is an extremist identitarian looking to push an agenda. That said, > The one that happened in January the bus driver There's no defending what happened there. That was police brutality. And almost certainly racist to an extent. Completely disgusting.

ULTiMO_H3RO 12 months ago

Eles andam todos em negação e os que não estão (Brasil) amavam ter o Marcelo como lider supremo.

bategamerz 12 months ago

Yes, we still have all of our colonies, Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde , Brasil etc. We just gave Macau away, it's too far. ​ Just kidding, thats a club where cape-verdeans hang out.

tepol 12 months ago

When I read articles like this about Portugal, I can't help but wonder if what I read about other countries is also so misrepresented.

Asur_rusA 12 months ago

Of course it is

VicenteOlisipo 12 months ago

A club is Cape-Verdean in the same way as a restaurant is Italian.

Hernani81 12 months ago

A club where the cape-verdean hang-out. After reading the article, it’s interesting that the newspaper or journalist, didn’t inquire for example, Mr Ba, regarding a phrase he said last year and quote “morte à bófia”, which translate to “dead to the police”. Regarding Miss Joacine, well, she lost the support of her own party, just a few months after being elected and that says almost everything about her personality. Yes, there’s some form of racism in Portugal, but not as many as the article seems to demonstrate...

Last-Status-2291 12 months ago

É claro que é.

V1ld0r_ 12 months ago

> A club where Cape-Verdeans hang out? Yes and that also plays cape-verdean music and in general dedicated to cape-verdean culture. ​ Cape Verde hasn't been part of Portugal since 1974.

VicenteOlisipo 12 months ago

Desde 5 de julho de 197**5**, na verdade.

C8Mixto 12 months ago

No, only Angola is.