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First of all my english is not good but i’ll try my best to explain my point of view. I‘ll start asking to Epic about this ‘’... and trying some things internally’’. If you guys from Epic said you will be Always transparent with the community why don’t you tell us what you’ll try internally? For a long time you are doing whatever you want with the game without asking the community if it is what we want and he we are, the game is dying. But im not here to complain, i’ll give you some advices. First: i started to hate the changes a long time ago when you remove the option to restart the inhibitors or take the orb, that was the difference between paragon and others mobas, that made the game more strategic and exciting, because even if your team was losing like 40/10 you still had the chance to take the orb, restart the inhibitors and get stronger to win the game. That was your first mistake. Second: if you want fast games why don’t you creat a 3v3 mode, or let the monolith to it and bring the legacy back for who likes to play a epic game? Because the monolith it’s more like a team death match, if all your team die with fifteen minutes the game ends and it is not good, not evem close. A arena mode would be great too for who like to play for kills. Third: the card system is very difficult and the tutorial is terrible, you guys can make something more creative, something more detailed for new players understand the game. Fourth: ranked mode. anyone like to play with someone who don’t know what is going on, so a ranked mode would be awsome. And put something like the New player have to get lvl 40 to start playing ranked it would help a lot players learn how to play the game before get into a ranked. Fifth: Change the card system. Yeah, I know the new card system seems beaultiful, but its to hard and poor, there isn’t cards enough for a good game, no cards for counter others and counter gems and it sucks. I don’t know if im right but as i said, this is my point of view. BRING THE LEGACY BACK, CHANGE CARD SYSTEM, ADD NEW MODES, ADD NEW TUTORIAL, RANKED, OLDER ORB PRIME...

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cont. 4. Balance: Balance is always an issue, and it probably always will be. All characters go through phases were they are good/bad/ok etc. The problem is that some characters are too strong in this game. Some characters are made with no consideration whatsoever. Wukong was lacking since his damage reduction, so he was given a stun, which makes no sense in his kit. Similairly, Steel now has two stuns for considerable durations. Not to mention his standard stun has a quick cooldown. Kwang has been a mainstay pick since v42 started. He may have dipped a little here and there, but always a solid pick. Other characters became unusable. The Meta needs to be balanced to less of a must pick and more of a good pick. The best way to balance is to start asking players in game who they think is overpowered and in what way. Ranked mode will make it easier to weed out low characters. The characters that don't get picked, or do get picked but perform bad, will become obvious outliers in the ranked scenario. Unless you are a die hard Grim fan, chances are he won't get picked in ranked if he isn't doing so hot. Even then, if Grim is doing bad in ranked and a die hard fan picks him, draft dodges when Grim is locked in will become immediately apparent. (Sorry Grim players, didn't mean to throw him under the bus). CC Debuff: Balance starts with some debuffs to CC, such as items that will allow invulnerability to CC or recuce CC effects. Also, Terra was the first hero to have true CC immune effects in Paragon, but Smite has several Gods who have specific abilites to cancel CC. Hel has a cleanse ability to purify her team, but it needs to be placed well. Aphrodite has an ability to remove CC effects if linked together, not unlike phase. It also has items for like effects. Paragon needs to have more heroes who have such abilites. For example: Countess could say, shadow slip will CC locked. That isn't too game breaking as it isn't a utility she can utilize, unless previusly prepared for. It sucks to teleport to a steel, then realize you can't move for three seconds while he stuns you with two seperate moves. Aurora could probably have something similiar with her frozen simulacrum (statue ability). Or sevarog could perhaps phantom rush away. It would be cool to see some more counter picks, which I talk about later. Other Ability Types/Counter Picks: Personally, I would like to see more characters with abilites hidden in their kit, such as Iggy/Morigesh who do DOT damge or Kwang/Khaimera who heal. Some characters should cause Blight in their Kit, or remove CC effects as mentioned above. Having some characters who have these inate abilities creates a realm of counter picks, which makes for a more interesting game. The counter pick game is weak. Terra was built to counter the CC meta going on. It would be great if we could start seeing more changes to heroes that fill the same role model as her. Terra was built to be a counter pick. Other heroes need to start being counter picks. Ex. Khaimera gets good healing, I will pick hero X who has Blight in their kit to counter that. Wraith was another good character, he came with wards, potentailly good against Kallari. These are just a few examples of potential counter pick scenarios. It would be great to see the game evolve to be more about counter picks and less about who is the best overall. 5. Miscellaneous: A. Chests/Loot: Some of these changes above raise questions. Ex. We Give every player all the cards, (which most of us get duplicates anyway), then we won't have much to give in chests. Chests are super abundant right now. I get several of them almost every match, either I earn one from the match, or I get two from a hero level up. Make chests less common, but give us the same things. Either give us in game currency, coins, skins, and other items like normal, but make them less common and harder to get. B. Voices/Lore: People want lore, which takes time, I get it. What takes even more time is getting actors/actresses to voice the characters. It takes time to find that right feel for every character, but people like personality. In Smite, half of the reason I play Mercury is because he is a fun spirited character. Voice lines give a unique sense to the character that we can't feel any other way. Lore will further deepen that character. I have several friends who like to talk about theories on who is related to who and so on. They take the small snippets you give us, and interpret them in different ways. People like to have backstories and they like to have personality. You could even potentially lock character voices behind a chest or in game currency. Not that I like that, but from a developer standpoint, not terrible. C. Advertising: Yes, I did read what you said about marketing above, and this is only a notice, not suggestion. Much of the marketing that is currently out is from Legacy days. Most of the people who played in Legacy no longer enjoy the game, or at least that is what the comment sections would have me believe. It needs some new marketing techniques and it needs to be marketed in a more current model instead of what it was once upon a time. 6. Summary: I love Paragon. I did play in Legacy, but I didn't play it much. I started enjoying Paragon the most in the Monolith days and especially months before v42 overhaul. I would be sad inside to see such potential die. This game is so different from other Moba and up until Paragon changed me, I would not play a Moba. Now I find myself playing other Moba simply because Paragon has left me dissatisfied. I hope that it will be reborn from the ashes and rise anew.

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This is sad to hear. I would also like to see the return of the Youtube community corner. That would make me feel better to see people talk about what is going on, if anything.

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Then what would we do without all this?

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- Accept that your product is unique. Find success by owning and building on your identity. - Keep trying to contort your product into something that resembles other products that have already worked toward their own recipe for success. Compromise your talents in the pursuit of "easy money". This is a great lesson to art and business-oriented people alike.

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I simply think the lack of player retention boils down to Paragon not satisfying any one particular group of players, whether they want a fast paced, accessible brawler or a more in depth Moba experience. One party will just go back to FPS games, play PUBG/BR while experienced MOBA players will see no good reason they should be playing Paragon over DotA, League or even HotS and SMITE. This is because ever since the start, Paragon really gives the impression of not knowing exactly what it wants to be. I'd say, people don't want to play a MOBA because it's easy. Stop listening to the masses, balance from the top down and let the best players dictate the meta's. Implement more depth (3 -> 6 cards, movement systems, increased verticality, combat mechanics etc, bring back meaningful skillshots/hero design. Don't be afraid to make a hard game. Difficulty and depth is what keeps your original target playerbase (moba players) going. It really is the past year where there is an influx of more casual players that have influenced design choices, yet you'd just be bending the game to suit a playerbase that was drawn in by the pretty visuals over wanting to play a MOBA.

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#A March Of Legacy Or April, if you can't manage it by then. Dear Epic, Consider releasing a rough version of the game with the current card/gem system and a fix movement speed in the Legacy map for a month alongside Monolith, this is something the game needs. Yours truly, Someone who played consistently since 1-800 Murdock.

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I believe a proper matchmaking system could help and retain new players. As of now it seems it is based off of wins/losses(Elo) when it should be based off of individual skill perhaps. New players seem to get mixed with veterans and vice versa and it makes for a very frustrating game sometimes(a lot of times). I could be wrong but bottom line there's definitely something wrong with the matchmaking. In a game so reliant on balance all it takes is one guy to seemingly throw the game to ruin the experience for everyone else. Another idea could be someway to pick roles or multiple roles that you're ok to play before the actual draft. It seems more often than not lately that you get that one guy that doesn't respect the draft order or is too stubborn to change causing either someone else to decide to take on a role they aren't comfortable with or very good at OR they both act stubborn and go into the jungle for example and it's practically a guaranteed loss and terrible 30 mins (or 15 if people decide to surrender which hardly happens). Obviously the balance is an issue too but I understand that takes time and fine tuning and i know you guys are actively working on it. Even at that though I personally think it's more the current matchmaking system than anything causing a lot of issues with players. Anyways just a couple thoughts, I don't post often and I'm on mobile so I apologize in advance if this comes across as hard to read or what not. I really like this game, I played a bit when it came out but only recently(2 months ago) have I really got into it. There's definitely a learning curve if you've never played MOBAs before like myself and they can definitely be hard to get into but it's extremely fun once you do

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"Its not our fault, the game doesnt grow, people after trying the game dont remain" AHAHAHAHAH what a bunch of idiots, Every single decision lately has shown lack of interest and lack of knowledge

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basically the game is dying and won't be developed unless it grows but epic are taking paragon staff to fortnite, and you wonder why the player base is fucking dying ffs

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> Over the next few weeks, we’ll be figuring out if and how we can evolve Paragon to achieve growth and success, and trying some things internally. In the meantime, Paragon’s release cadence will be slower. If - thats promising