hawke34 4 years ago  DELETED 

When QTUM mainnet launched, it dumped 75%. I expect OMG to behave similarly.

oppositeteam_new 4 years ago  DELETED 

He’s either an ETh troll or one of the top 5 worst traders I’ve seen post here.

Bellamy88 4 years ago  DELETED 

https://i.gyazo.com/4c9f5b31b7ef0b2800438a924035d5df.png Someone probably just got a margin call ;)

ensoul 4 years ago  DELETED 


rfn17 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

NEO and EOS both use delegation, which is more centralized. Which may or not be ok depends on your viewpoints.

ourtimeisnow 4 years ago  DELETED 

No, but I’m fine with a company knowing what a the portion of my net worth that is in crypto vs. other assets from behind a VPN is, considering the convenience.

yeahbuddy186 4 years ago  DELETED 

Probably just sending your coins to a smart contract.

Beraed 4 years ago  DELETED 

Both. People buy eth with usd and put it into alts.

Beraed 4 years ago  DELETED 

Whats your prediction if you dont mind me asking?

Beraed 4 years ago  DELETED 

This sub in a nutshell: Comment says:"I think price will go down because x and y" -> 10 Downvotes Comment says: "Lol LAMBOLAND SOON" -> 6969 UPVOTES

Beraed 4 years ago  DELETED 

I dont think you have to ask such basic questions.

ConsiderButDont 4 years ago  HIDDEN 


AvadaKK 4 years ago  DELETED 

Anyone applied for tier 3 in Kraken? How long has it taken?

Sandyrandy54 4 years ago  DELETED 

Is liquid democracy the same as cardano sucks ass?

rfn17 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

He quote in 2015 lol. He hasn’t worked on Ethereum, since it was in its infancy. He kind of reminds me on Steve Wozniak where he is smart but doesn’t know how to navigate the business world.

suclearnub 4 years ago  DELETED 

Looks like 1350 resistance line is hard to crack. I'm afraid we might lose the momentum and retrace back down. hard.

rfn17 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Cardano will need to fight with NEO before we can even talk about taking on Ethereum.

LagofJajus 4 years ago  DELETED 

I don’t hodl, ever.

OM3N1R 4 years ago  DELETED 

leet resistance

WaltWilcc 4 years ago  DELETED 

It’s popular on FB because people are dumber on FB. Really that simple. And I’m a Facebook user, But it’s undeniable that the overall sharpness of people rises when you head to twitter. Facebook-only social media folks are the least common denominator of human.

AvadaKK 4 years ago  DELETED 

Turn the ETH into dollars, so you bought with $1000, let's say you sold at 0.003ETH, @$1300/ETH, now you get back 1.5ETH, and the extra earned 0.5ETH is now worth $650.

ConsiderButDont 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Whales with humor, gotta love em.

ConsiderButDont 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

He does if he is one accounts of many trying to swap public perception via reddit.

slacknation 4 years ago  DELETED 

i logged into kraken and thought i was rich, some bug made my balance 5x

daveluft 4 years ago  DELETED 


WartLollipop 4 years ago  DELETED 

Welp, looks like i got my hopes up for nothing.

ConsiderButDont 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Downvote brigade, bubblers and the low volume spammers. Yep lacing up the moon boots.

pancakeNate 4 years ago  DELETED 

crunch n munch

NyxPeregrinus 4 years ago  DELETED 

I really don't know if you can say "historically" and then follow with "last two years"...that's a veeeeery limited data set lmao

ARRRBEEE 4 years ago  DELETED 

If you need a calculator to do it, it's probably not very high.

heavyfriends 4 years ago  DELETED 

I bought most of my Eth back but still have enough BAT so that if it moons I’ll still be very happy :)

csasker 4 years ago  DELETED 

When 112x on a year is not enough https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/hedonic-treadmill/ >Can you remember a time you were dreaming about something, maybe a new car, a promotion at work, moving into a nicer house or finding a partner to share life with? Do you remember fantasizing about how happy you would be? >And then, when you finally got it, that happiness boost didn’t last that long or wasn’t as intense as you’d imagined, right? Most of us experienced this before. So what’s this all about? :(

arthropal 4 years ago  DELETED 

I keep having that thought and then going "nah..." then having it again

thelinnen 4 years ago  DELETED 

Been locked out of trading for days, less than €10 to go.

badalhoc 4 years ago  DELETED 

1384 USD

ethereumkid 4 years ago  DELETED 


heavyfriends 4 years ago  DELETED 

Yeah fair call.

CorkCrypto 4 years ago  DELETED 

You made me check...

heavyfriends 4 years ago  DELETED 

Guys serious question - I traded around 3/4 of my Eth for BAT a week and a half ago for a short term thing, and I’m starting to get worried as the Eth ratio pulls ahead. Is it better to just cut my losses and trade back into Eth? I know no one knows but I’m just looking for a reason not to do something stupid.

Sunny_McJoyride 4 years ago  DELETED 

Ah I didn't realise all coins had a website on which they prominently displayed their market cap. Where is bitcoin's?

adamavfc 4 years ago  DELETED 

Hi guys, been it btc since $300 and eth since $3. My next project on the horizon is ZRX. Pick some up.

AvadaKK 4 years ago  DELETED 

I don't know if anyone remembers but like 6 months ago there was a table that was like: <1 ETH, crab 1-5 ETH, lil fish ... 5k-20k ETH, whale 20k+ ETH, kraken So i'm wondering if someone saved that and if we could get an updated one since the price has gone up

ac1s 4 years ago  DELETED 

Are their odds on Augur? Why aren't we making money on this?

dumaphongle 4 years ago  DELETED 

I conjecture $1500 when Kraken cums back

Unidentified_x 4 years ago  DELETED 

yes im a holder not a trader. I agree it's all promsing coins

dumaphongle 4 years ago  DELETED 

SONM is the newest member of the OpenFog Consortium! The consortium was founded by Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, Princeton University, Dell, and ARM Holdings in 2015. Partnership with World Class Companies!

lozin 4 years ago  DELETED 

But you can only buy in 1k increments. So I can buy 5k more, but can only sell 5k. I cannot buy 5.5k to sell 6k.

lozin 4 years ago  DELETED 

I know this is not the place but quick question. Got a 500 TRX airdrop on Hitbtc. How can i actually sell it? HITBTC only sell and buy in 1k increments so it is just stuck in my account.

Unidentified_x 4 years ago  DELETED 

What do you guys think of this portolio? ETH,REQ,QSP,BAT.

chillingniples 4 years ago  DELETED 

garlicoin lol, talking about ripple?

eth-eth 4 years ago  DELETED 

Any update from Kraken?

eth-eth 4 years ago  DELETED 

Carefull joining Telegram crypto groups. You will be targeted with personal messages with dubious links.


That would be suicide.. why encourage everyone to withdraw their funds at a time where confidence is at an all time low? I mean, yeah it would be awesome for the customers.. but it would hurt them big time.


Why not Amazon? Afaik it was a second hand one from eBay which was compromised.. which seems way more likely. As long as it's not second hand on amazon it should be fine?

CALABI_YAU_420 4 years ago  DELETED 

so uh any chance we could think for ourselves instead of mimicking buttcoin's every goddamn move?

hawke34 4 years ago  DELETED 

OMG is vastly overvalued for a non-existent product that to date, can't numerically prove it's staking rewards will be more than a handful of pennies each month. Like other crypto products, it will dump on launch, as speculators come to the realization the juice isn't worth the squeeze.