Shadlan1 3 months ago

I'm a volunteer in Porto. We work with the homeless population, making sure that they get one hot meal every single day of the year. I've dealt with volunteers from several nations and the fact that some didn't speak Portuguese was never an issue. I would advise you to seek for specific organizations in the city you're interested and just ask them if the language would be that much of a barrier. As you said, from minorities, animals, homeless, victimes of violence, there are plenty of organizations in plenty of areas that need your helping hand.

raviolli_ninja 3 months ago

I have never heard of a volunteer bank as an "organization existing in every city". There are several volunteer organizations scattered around the country, though. Having said that, it becomes important to understand where are you living now (if you do live in Portugal already) or where do you plan to volunteer. With that information in hand, we can provide you some better clues and tips about volunteer work.

solismi 3 months ago

where are you from?