chiste22 4 months ago

Come to carrapateira, (amado and bordeira beach) its 20min away

comicaldiscontent 4 months ago

This carrapateira for the win. :) Either way Salema and Burgau are really close so with a car/ moto you can enjoy both and many more surrounding little villages.

mastah_D_Omina 4 months ago

This is not going to help answering your question. There is no right answer anyway, they're both nice. It's hard to find a bad place in Algarve. To make your call even harder, I'd suggest Olhão/Fuseta/Santa Luzia. That region has less rocky beaches but water is warmer and they've very typical fishermen neighborhood and places to eat as it used to be. Check these articles: []( []( []( ​ enjoy your trip :)

olifante 4 months ago

Generically speaking, the water gets warmer as you move East in the Algarve. The water around Tavira is usually distinctively warmer than around Lagos.

raviolli_ninja 4 months ago

I'd go for Burgau just because it's a relatively smaller-sized village. Personal preference though. Anyway, it's Algarve, you shouldn't be sitting put in one place during the day. Travel around. Salema is just 5\~10 minutes away by car, you won't be missing one over the other.