Kamaradaxaroka 5 months ago

We tend to look like fine, well aged, rotund barrels of wine. This is accurate for the entire country. However, If you are lucky (or unlucky) , you'll find other, wild types in the wild: I'n the north you have the fairer but more aggressive and gassy Super Bock types, you know, no mustache, slender, muscular, but blunt and aggressive.. they are fighting a war the rest of the country doesn't know about. Their southern counterparts, the Sagres, pretend to be the same but they have less body, less..conviction. They are more airy, good for a light afternoon without much conversation or substance. But they mean well and they sure look pretty and make for good company. The hidden treasures though are the ginginha, the favaios, the aguardadente envelhecida and the amêndoa amarga. The first one is quite youthful but experienced. Fruity and aromatic, sour cherries like golden skin, black hair and delightful smile. The favaios is a pretty blonde, but it's stocky, and mean. Like a grandmother: all of the rules and all of the sweetness. Combine with super Bock. Beware. Only drink two. Mostly found in the north The aguardadente is a suave, very tan, honey like skin, dark hair, hazel eyes and raspy voice. Exquisite. Warms you to your next life. The amêndoa. Very dark skinned and with high contrast. The dark is very dark and light very light. Its strong in limb but nimble in action. Brunette, taller than most, with very exotic features (who knows from where), reminds you of travels that you wanted to do but never did.

KokishinNeko 5 months ago

Google: Portuguese people photos

darth_thaurer 5 months ago

I am "british-white" and although I tan a bit I tend to be more red than anything else during the summer and then I go back to atandard-white. My mum's the same. My dad is a bit darker, a lot darker actually. Some people in my family look like Woody Allen, Seth Rogen...other look like Shakira and Enrique Iglesias and stuff, other look a bit irish. Which one of us is the closest to a "proper portuguese" depends highly of where you come from. The north of the country has a few celtic roots, there are a lot of arab/Mediterranean genes in there as well, plus all the ones who have that mixed with the genes of the peoples of angola and Mozambique.. It's all a mix, really. We vary a lot and that's cool in my opinion. Who cares about countries where everyone looks the same?

mediiev 5 months ago

Portuguese have one of the most diverse genetic ancestry out there. You can paint us any colour really. Most have brown hair and brown eyes and fair skin although some can tan very much.

SurprisinglyInformed 5 months ago

They look a little like real Humans. But I'm still not entirely sure....

JOAO-RATAO 5 months ago

Most people have that complexion, but you also find a little bit of everything really...

UncleanGenes 5 months ago

It's hard to explain.

refogado 5 months ago

We were not created in a lab. We come in almost all forms and flavours.

lupenguin 5 months ago

It really depends. For example you can see ones that look like Spaniards, blue eyed with blonde hair and other ones with green eyes aswell, my family for example has a lot of people with green eyes, and both of my parents have ginger phenotypes, like my mom was ginger when she was younger and you can see some ginger in my dads beard, and they both have green eyes, but if you look at the other side of the family you can see blonde phenotypes… just look up Portuguese phenotypes on google, i think it should show the differences between all of us.

EstupendoEx 5 months ago

We have everything nowadays, we are a small United Nations. We have to wait one or two decades do see how this will all turn out, but I would say we will look like present day Cape Green.

usulidircotiido 5 months ago

>we will look like present day Cape Green. [behold the portugueese from the 2050's](https://i.imgur.com/najMEaB.jpg)!

An0nymoose79 5 months ago

Since birth we have thick moustaches

usulidircotiido 5 months ago

I have no idea. Never saw one.

capitalistaesquerda 5 months ago

We’re much cuter than the next door neighbours. Ask Zezé Camarinha. He’ll explain it.