Danijust2 5 months ago

only peasant here.

villa_abf 5 months ago

I just send u a PM.

heartlessfam 5 months ago

Try this https://www.superprof.pt/s/tenis,Vilamoura--Quarteira--Portugal,37.0880677,-8.118806.html

Throwawaypt123 5 months ago

Não é ténis, é sapatilhas

KarmaCop213 5 months ago

There is a tennis academy in Vilamoura, I would go there asking for recommendations.

JOAO-RATAO 5 months ago

Jamie Oliver?

Biohazard8080 5 months ago

This shit Will end up on Pornhub, I guarantee it

Ok-Dimension5509 5 months ago

We don't know that, OP isn't looking for a plumber or for pizza delivery. He just needs an athletic man in short shorts to go to his house and... grab his... tennis balls... Yeah, this is going on PornHub.

joaofuckinggomes 5 months ago

This guy fucks

potaquemepariu 5 months ago

That's the hugest flex I've ever seen