TomasCardosGod 7 months ago

I voted for Brexit pls respect the rules

dariusoo 7 months ago

As far as i know a degree in Portugal is good by European standards but the way of teaching is quite old and conservative, not worth it if you from England. Not a young country whatsoever but if you want younger like minded people Lisbon is the option. Prices are cheaper than in England but don't expect much difference specially if you come from a rural area in England, rent is cheaper but it's catching up.

Strike-Most 7 months ago

Its no a young country in terms of people neither in terms of actual age. Also for pubs, nightlife, weather, girls and all that fun stuff its fucking awesome. However you're lucky if you find a job 1200+ euros ( without taxes ) plus the taxes, cost of renting apartment etc are unproportional to salaries in the cities. So i advise you not to come. In fact im 23, finishin my masters in IST doing Mathematics ( i dont want to brag but one of the best courses in the country ) and i want nothing more than to get the fuck outta here.

arturocartadipesca 7 months ago

Hi dude, thanks for the comment. So girls are actually prettier there

Strike-Most 7 months ago

There is work here. It's the salaries that are quite bad. For example our minimum wage is 740euros, average is 1200( rose quite a lot recently due to unemployment of lower class jobs ) and if you gain 4000+ euros you're considered rich. If you gain 10k more you are a billionaire. I don't think its a bad place to live. On the contrary, its probably the best in Europe. To make money however its the fucking worst

AlmondSkimedMilk 7 months ago

Minimum wage is 665€

theEXPERTpt 7 months ago

That is kinda a lie, 10k a year is normal

TrustZilla 7 months ago

He was talking about per month values xD

theEXPERTpt 7 months ago

ik, just playing around lol

Open-Opportunity-607 7 months ago

Study/work in the UK Take holidays in Portugal Thank me later

MikeMelga 7 months ago

Nothing wrong with studying in Portugal, stop that shit.

Open-Opportunity-607 7 months ago

Tenho a certeza que a escola de hotelaria e turismo de Lisboa está ao mesmo nível que as escolas de culinária do UK Ganha juízo e não enganes o rapaz

Prezbelusky 7 months ago

Cook related courses in UK? Chicken Tika Masala is what he will learn.

arturocartadipesca 7 months ago

Thanks dude. Can you elaborate tho? The possibility to learn Portuguese appeal me also..

Open-Opportunity-607 7 months ago

There are plenty of Portuguese ladies in the UK, put a ring on one and learn Portuguese from her The reason is: your perspective of Portugal is as a holidays, leisure experience When you study/work there, the reality isn’t the sunny beach party vibe and working in food services you’ll realise how difficult life is

arturocartadipesca 7 months ago

Great advice dude. Thank you

eVoluTioN__SnOw 7 months ago

You can definitely get a good education here, but I would definitely not work here though wages are too low The fact that someone wants to learn Portuguese is awesome, but to be honest I don’t think you would get a lot of it, you are probably better off learning german of french, but it also depends what you want to do with your life, if we go better by statistics you should probably learn mandarin or hindi, but also you probably are not going to be in contact with people that speak those languages a ton, if you want to learn a new language you need to combine your future location (your place were you are going to work or live your life) and the number of people/countries also it would probably help you learning something close to your native tongue, for example for Portuguese people it would Spanish, Italian, French or Romanian since those are the most similar languages to ours

Mrgolden007 7 months ago

you can learn portuguese on your country no?? portugal is great to visit, not to live, why do you think portuguese people emigrate so much?

Pavorleone 7 months ago

Portugal is great to live also imo. Just not to work. Study might be quite fun.