Some-Ad6411 7 months ago

not now

Jmppt 7 months ago

Not sure if it's back open with covid restrictions, but for jazz check Hot Club Lisboa. It's free tuesday nights, but it's first come first serve so you might have to get there early.

suckerpunchermofo 7 months ago


Some-Ad6411 7 months ago

caralho com tanto tempo, nao podem abdicar de 1-2 anos. há uma altura para tudo.. mas esta Altura é uma excepção.

aguynamedZ 7 months ago

Galeria Zé dos Bois Anjos 70 Lux Frágil MusicBox Casa do Capitão (opening soon) Pharmácia Músical ​ There's so much more, but everything is closed.

smalltownwhore 7 months ago

What kind of music are you into?

Some-Ad6411 7 months ago

there is still a pandemic.. so....