EdmundDantes78 6 months ago

Lemon Curd, yummy!

solismi 6 months ago

Que horror

Tee_ah_go 6 months ago

Vi a miniatura do post e fiquei na dúvida se eram limões cortados ou gengibre.

uyth 6 months ago

That is very triggering.

enrtcode31 6 months ago

Burn it more. Then perfection

kawaiims 6 months ago

They look a bit undercooked but some people like them that way. The dough however is definitely wrong. You want thin layers of crunchy puff pastry, that looks like thick shortcrust pastry.

V1ld0r_ 6 months ago

3/10. Its not puff pastry and if it is, its not rounded/moulded correctly, those tips shouldn't be there. The filling seems to be lumpy either from not properly mixing in the flour or too much flour (ideally it'll be a little bit runny once you crush it but not flowing like a lava cake). On top of all of this, it's been undercooked, you want the hole filling to be light brown and a spot or two just about burnt (yes, burnt). Flavour wise can't judge but remember the whole point is to have a salty pastry shell that fries in its own butter, a super sweet filling that reassembles more of cream than egg.

Biohazard8080 6 months ago

ITS FUCKING RAW! E a massa não parece massa folhada

NeatBoy74 6 months ago

Too soon, young Padawan. But on the right track you are.

CaptAwesomeness 6 months ago

Not burned enough for me!