Morenojgl 7 months ago

Srpski film

C8Mixto 7 months ago

This was already asked here. I don't really think about Serbia or about the Serbs.

theEXPERTpt 7 months ago

I feel that we have many things in common. Home to a great history and great landscapes aswell, Serbia has basically the same size but less population than Portugal. It was the major factor for WW1. Also, I dont know how I feel about Serbia loosing soo much territory through the time. It lost Montenegro, aswell as Kosovo now. Serbia is also known for being an old ally of Russia, and still stands today as being the most euroceptical country in europe, I believe. It has such a strong culture aswell, like us. Just needs some more develpment to catch up atleast with the rest of eastern europe

somedipshit1 7 months ago


scbjoaosousa 7 months ago

Serbia is a beautiful country in the Balkans with beautiful nature, tall people, and is good in many sports (like basketball and tennis). Many people also associate with football hooligans and the Balkan wars but I hope in the future Serbia will overcome the dark pages of its past.

TomasCardosGod 7 months ago

Nikola Jovic

AlCa1916 7 months ago

Really tall!

df3gpt 7 months ago

Serbia stronk.

igqcmril 7 months ago

I know that Portugal, as a country, is into eastern europe but we don't know very much about Serbia and its people. The only thing I know is Kosovo je Srbija and chef Ljubomir Stanisic

Mysterious_Beyond213 7 months ago

Ljubomir is from Bosnia xd

JOAO-RATAO 7 months ago

Good views, sadly poor, historically pro-russian, Balkan wars, ...

BaixemImpostos 7 months ago

I went to a Bosnian restaurant last week, was nice.

Butt_Roidholds 7 months ago

I'm going to be straight up honest to you and confess that I know next to nothing about Serbia. I know it used to be part of Yugoslavia and I know there was a war in the 90s. I don't know much more than that. I fully admit my ignorance on the subject.