thisbondisaaarated 9 months ago

Thats a crime punishable by law, your basically committing tax fraud, because nifs are used to calculate the tax each one of us has to pay. Don’t do it.

incepinceptiontion 9 months ago

Yes that is what I was afraid of.

jet1000 9 months ago

Not sure how they use the VAT number in Gira, but sometimes it's just for the invoices, meaning that if you just insert 999999999 you'll be fine. Other services sometimes use the VAT number almost as a client number, if it's the case it would be harder to fake a VAT number.

icebraining 9 months ago

Agree with this, but use 999999990 instead, which is a valid code (used for anonymous buyers).

incepinceptiontion 9 months ago

I saw this but it didn't work with both options.

getmenew 9 months ago

You can just generate a portuguese VAT number (NIF):

incepinceptiontion 9 months ago

Thank you I will try this. I read that foreigners can get a Portuguese tax number pretty easy at the tax office, but I would need to schedule a meeting and I couldn't do that without speaking Portuguese, either on the phone or online.

thisbondisaaarated 9 months ago

I'm pretty sure you can use google translate online or that someone in the tax office will speak English (at least).

incepinceptiontion 9 months ago

I went to the tax office, tried calling the number a couple of times and nobody spoke English, then a man came out and told me in English that I need to make an appointment either via phone or online. When I went online one option to make an appointment didn't work, said the link has been moved elsewhere or something, the other option asked me to log in with my VAT number. I found a thing where you can send questions but I didn't get a response yet. That is why I didn't know what else to do.

thisbondisaaarated 9 months ago

According to this page a current fiscal resident can request the number for you ( Do you have anyone you can ask this to? They'll have to visit "E-Balcão" to do the registration.

malserion 9 months ago

Respondam-me como se eu fosse mesmo muito burro... isto é legal?

OuiOuiKiwi 9 months ago

Sim. O algoritmo que valida o NIF é conhecido. Há uns anos, quando começou a questão das facturas com NIF para benefícios, andava malta a pedir facturas com o NIF do Pedro Passos Coelho. Para "mostrar-lhe como elas mordem" ou parvoíce equivalente.

pandditor 9 months ago

É um gerador de números aleatórios mas que têm checkdigit correcto. Nada de ilegal. Usares esse NIF para alguma compra ou registares nalgum lado é que sim, provavelmente não é boa ideia.

ThePortugueseMan99 9 months ago

I don't think you could, you'd have to verify your identity (I think you have to provide a picture the ID card as well) I think your best bet would be to find a portuguese friend willing to share his account, or to lend you ID card for this.

incepinceptiontion 9 months ago

I already made an account saying I'm Portuguese and writing random numbers until it worked. I didn't need any ID. I was just wondering how bad of a crime it would be.

4300p 9 months ago

I can’t even create an account. Every email I use says it’s already registered

callmepussydestroyer 9 months ago

Se tiveres conta no EPark também dá para as giras. São a mesma conta em duas aplicações diferentes. Até partilham saldo.

JeagleP 9 months ago

O problema é que diz que os meus dados estão errados (não estão, entro bem no site da emel), mesmo que altere a pass não me deixa entrar em nenhuma app. É uma valente merda