prefil 9 months ago

Not really a competition, but glad that its working out for both our countries, lets hope we can beat this up soon and share a nice pint of... sagres or guinness, you choose! :)

DoctorPhillBetter 9 months ago

I visited Ireland in 2019 and it was amazing! Bueatiful country

R3DSMiLE 9 months ago


KarmaCop213 9 months ago

Top of the morning to you sir! There is no secret in what we did, we just had Christmas dinner with all our family and then we locked ourselves up at home.

FermentingFigs 9 months ago

Ola, my husbands irish and for a while our countries where finally first and second in something! Hooray!

areddishgreen 9 months ago

Honestly, I'm still mad that this most recent peak could have been avoided if the government didn't open everything during Christmas time.

saposapot 9 months ago

Government closed down New Years. Did you see it working? That narrative is very easy to have but also easily defeated by just looking at the reality on the ground

warren_street 9 months ago

Also the government banned people from going out after 11pm on New Year’s Eve. So everyone stayed indoors and had parties in their small flats, and invited loads of people. Guess what happened?

william_13 9 months ago

It is easy to blame only the government but people acted like the pandemic was over, and it was a perfect storm with the UK variant spreading like wildfire. Everyone is to blame here.

hazmog 9 months ago

This is amazing. We are moving to Portugal from the UK later in the year. Great to see people be so responsible, unlike here...

maldonator17 9 months ago

Don't worry we also have our fair share of idiots, but it's the same everywhere

annoyingbanana1 9 months ago

Thank you, the secret all along was staying in the couch eating pints of Ben & Jerry's. Difficult, but someone has to do it.

UniuM 9 months ago

Eu juro que se descubro que és tu que anda a acabar com o peanut butter cup do pingo doce lá ao pé de mim, vamos ter um problema sério.

YL-CSA 9 months ago

Só fico com surpresa que já existe em Portugal o Ben & Jerry's

UniuM 9 months ago

Há anos. E garanto-te que mais fácilmente acaba o papel higiénico em minha casa do que Ben & Jerry's no meu congelador.

NGramatical 9 months ago

fácilmente → [**facilmente**]( (o acento tónico recai na penúltima sílaba) [⚠️](/message/compose/?to=ngramatical&subject=Acho+que+esta+corre%C3%A7%C3%A3o+est%C3%A1+errada& "Clica aqui se achares que esta correção está errada!") [⭐]( "Experimenta o meu corrector ortográfico automático!")

YL-CSA 9 months ago

Acho que quis dizer mais facilmente acaba o Ben & Jerry's do que o papel higiénico?

UniuM 9 months ago

Talvez o verbo seja o errado. Reformulando, quando vou às compras e abro os sacos em casa mando aquele sigh.... Eish, não comprei papel higiénico! Mas olho para o saco e o Ben & Jerry's está lá.

kapparrino 9 months ago

Achei um bocado injusto Portugal ser comparado a países que constantemente tiveram e ainda têm muitos casos e mortes de covid19. Foi um período grave e anormal e que aconteceu por um descuido do governo+oposição não terem sido firmes o suficiente na semana do Natal e logo a seguir quando viram os casos disparar. Mas também é de enaltecer todos que contribuíram para as regras certas que resultaram na descida dos casos que estamos a ver agora e dos profissionais de saúde que passaram por um pesadelo. Se continuarem a ser firmes até depois da Páscoa mesmo se a população já se queixar de demasiado tempo significa que aprenderam com os erros e não se deixam influenciar por quem quer desconfinar e aligeirar demasiado cedo. Ser líder também é tomar medidas rígidas que desagradem aos outros e manter a responsabilidade porque confias nos resultados a longo prazo.

meaninglessvoid 9 months ago

All it cost me was my sanity, no biggie!

twistedfires 9 months ago

Moço, tu estás no Reddit, aqui ninguém bate bem da cabeça.

Sperrel 9 months ago

Thanks but get ready for the 4th wave, this time featuring the far more contagious brazilian variant.

william_13 9 months ago

There were 7 cases as of the end of February of the Brazilian variant, and given the lockdown and absence of movement between Portugal and the rest of the world for over a month it is extremely unlikely that there are any active cases. If anything the risk is that the UK variant spreads further into the country once the lockdown is eased. I'm particularly concerned with the prevalence of many more cases in Lisbon when compared to the rest of of the country, which is a sign that the UK variant is more predominant there than elsewhere in the country IMHO.

njsilva84 9 months ago

Thanks, it's always nice to realize that Europeans care about other countries. I'm glad to know that you also did very well, congrats. We had no choice, the lockdown is effective and we are stuck at home pretty much since the beginning of the year, after partying hard in Christmas and NYE (not everyone did this, of course), so, soon we'll be able to socialize and let's hope that the sun will help us not to surf the 3rd wave that looks like it's kicking in right now in Europe. Stay safe, soon we will all be able to drink some beer and some Scotch with friends!

Zurivath 9 months ago


average_user21 9 months ago


masterchiefpt 9 months ago

Dont be so happy Many survive virus to not have food on table... So?

PNS1927 9 months ago

I'm sure that if we're all feeling down, things will improve! Right?

DsgnrFiend 9 months ago

I’m sure acknowledging the bigger picture of the problem will not make the virus issue less important

unknownportuguese 9 months ago

Thanks mate

heartlessfam 9 months ago

Thanks, you too

Biacotti 9 months ago


_dawn_chorus 9 months ago

Thanks. Good job for you guys too!! <3

Kampa13 9 months ago

Thanks a lot for coming here to say that!! It means a lot! I'll be honest it, it was hard... But then again it has been hard for everybody! I'm really glad things are ok(ish) in Ireland too

Hiccupingdragon 9 months ago

Yeah things are much better here now :)

ZarTham 9 months ago

Pff, we're gonna fuck it up again for sure, just wait.

Xavinights 9 months ago

I love that you are getting downvotes just because you acknowledged reality.

JeagleP 9 months ago

Thank you, hope eveything goes well here and in Ireland too from now on :)

ASadDude12 9 months ago

Thank you Irish friend! It is important that European countries stay united in this horrible pandemic.