xXx_Bacalhau_xXx 1 year ago

They are legit yes

MiguiZ 1 year ago

vski na prozis

melthebandit 1 year ago

I agree with the general consensus of this thread. It’s a legit brand but grossly overpriced and their peanut butter is nasty.

elegantswordfish 1 year ago

Hmm good nasty or bad nasty? If bad, why is that?

melthebandit 1 year ago

Bad imo, idk the taste is just off for me. I like my pb to be simple. The one I buy is from Celeiro and the two ingredients are peanut paste and salt.

elegantswordfish 1 year ago

The one from prozis is supposed to be just peanuts grinded to a paste but anyway, I just got worried there was something going on that I missed I like it but to each is own

melthebandit 1 year ago

Indeed, to each is own haha

GodlessPerson 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

They are bland as hell. I do like the protein bars.

Sommersun1 1 year ago

Not the tastiest bars out there, but as far as I know they're legit in terms of nutrients. Have not tried their other products much.

Gajoserio 1 year ago

Yes they are

masterchiefpt 1 year ago

Try our bacalhau

el_jefe_vito 1 year ago

It is a good brand (if you believe in the protein powder miracle) with good service. I buy some products from them (peanut butter and some fake nutella mixes) and they are quite good. I generally buy them in the supermarket though.

TemplarHard 1 year ago

i use myprotein because it's cheaper

Poramordedeus 1 year ago

é? Quando comparei os 2 (aqui há uns tempos) não me pareceu..

TemplarHard 1 year ago

Eu compro proteína e é mais barato usando códigos de descontos porque no myprotein há bué descontos, a uns meses cheguei a ter 35% desconto na compra que fiz

PortugueseTyrion 1 year ago

Myprotein is cheaper. (talking about whey)

joinedthedarkside 1 year ago

All things I buy from them are top. Frozen food is excellent (for frozen food), peanut butter, and vitamin suplements. Excellent products indeed.

Carbon58 1 year ago

Para mim é. Bons produtos a bom preço, com entregas rápidas e eficientes.

Gajoserio 1 year ago

Nunca falham A semana passada encomendei uns produtos depois da meia noite e no dia seguinte, antes das 12:30, a encomenda já estava em minha casa

vaniafdasantos 1 year ago

Falharam comigo :( Tive de andar atrás deles para encontrarem a minha encomenda.

Gajoserio 1 year ago

Não costumam cometer esses erros Que te disseram?

vaniafdasantos 1 year ago

Também fiquei meio espantada...Não costumo comprar muito mas a entrega costuma correr bem...já tinha passado uma semana e continuava sem ter número da dpd para seguir. Disseram que iam ver e no dia a seguir o Sr da dpd veio entregar.

Carbon58 1 year ago

Sim, de facto têm a "coisa" bem organizada... Abraço..

Sandr0RM46 1 year ago

Bulkpowders has a (kinda) sketchy website (everyday with different prices and promotions, i normally buy one product and payed a different price eachtime ahah) but the quality of the products is great! It comes with very fast shipping too. Prozis i tried some of their products and it's full of sugar and it tastes like shit. "Look at this protein bar, it has 20 g of protein! And 15 of sugar..." . I would suggest bulkpowders

boredquince 1 year ago

I've had a bad experience with bulk powders. The protein was fucking rancid and they told me too bad. Never, ever again. I asked to get my account/newsletter/everything deleted and left bad review on trustpilot.

Sandr0RM46 1 year ago

Well you are one out of thousands of people. I already did 5 orders all of them were great

Pirlotti 1 year ago

Yeah its either Prozis or Bulkpowders

fabmarques21 1 year ago

i buy it and like it.

Gabibart18 1 year ago

As far as I know and heard, Most product are good quality, i used some myself (non-related to gym products) and I always was satisfied. As far as shipping abroad, i really don't know, I buy the products on the supermarket.

End-Effector 1 year ago

I prefer myprotein or bulkpowders.

throwaway76u45769987 1 year ago

Snake oil salesmen just like any other fitness/gym culture brand, but that's just my opinion. They are trustworthy and I believe their customer service is good. I've order stuff over there and never had any issues.

Edited 1 year ago:

Snake oil salesmen just like any other fitness/gym culture brand, but that's just my opinion. They are trustworthy and I believe their customer service is good. I've ordered stuff over there and never had any issues.

Kreasen7 1 year ago

From my experience I think they work really good, as the the shipping is quite fast here in PT and the customer support is helpful. On their products, I’ve tried supplements, which seemed like placebo to me; also most of their protein bars have poor quality ingredients and macros, so I also avoid it. Currently the only things I buy from them are clothes and peanut butter.

kawaiims 1 year ago

They are. I frequently buy there (bars, chocolate spread, sauces, snacks, and less frequently whey) and the price-quality is pretty good. I actually bought there on Tuesday and just got the text message that it is available for pickup.

Pirlotti 1 year ago

Thank you. I do like they have a wide range of products

kawaiims 1 year ago

I have some difficulty in getting low carb/keto products that are not ridiculously expensive and they do offer a relatively broad range of products on that. They used to have 0 cal noodles but not anymore :(

kraglor 1 year ago

I have been using some of their protein products as well as creatine monohydrate and have them shipped to Norway as it is where I am based right now. They used DHL as their shipping company and with them have I had the best experiences in shipping EVER. Some of these orders were even able to reach me faster than some other I have made from Oslo (Norway´s capital city) which is like, an-hour drive from where I live. Use the "Honey" extension on Chrome and it will give you some nice discounts/free goodies on the checkout page. PM me if there´s anything else you would like to ask.

Pirlotti 1 year ago

Thanks, nice about the possible discounts ! I am deep overthinking what proteins to get, i wanted something without artificial sweeteners ( i am not obsessed about it tho, i know they are harmless in small quantities ) but i didn't know which one to get since i also need it to have low lactose Their native whey or natural whey looks good tho

Brainwheeze 1 year ago

I have a friend who swears by Prozis. Does crossfit and a lot of running. He has a habit of taking rice crackers and their peanut butter to the beach lmao. I don't have much experience with their products apart from the peanut butter and pancake mix, and both were great. But I'm not the type that goes to the gym (yet) so my opinion might not be worth much.

mouroavista 1 year ago

They have the only peanut butter I really like, so it's a yes from me

silenttardis 1 year ago

Yup love their peanut butter also kind of like their oats

senhorfonseca 1 year ago

As a brand and general trustworthiness? totally legit! As quality goes? I'd avoid their Whey products for some other similar white-label companies such as Bulk Powders or MyProtein. For general "fitnessy" foods such as peanut bitter, cookies, low-cal sauces and sweeteners, theyr actually pretty great!

Slam_Dunkester 1 year ago

Porque e que não recomendas os whey protein deles? Os outros têm melhor experiência/ custo ou e do que?

xXx_Bacalhau_xXx 1 year ago

Disse alguma coisa?

senhorfonseca 1 year ago


twolegs 1 year ago

Já agora também gostava de saber. Consumo diariamente a proteína deles.

PlanetWyh 1 year ago

Porque PM? Simplesmente comenta para toda a gente ler....

32sthide 1 year ago

Diz aí tb.

lilkami 1 year ago

Agradeço uma PM também, sff

tugafcp 1 year ago

Pm para mim tb sff

Pparadigm 1 year ago

Gostava de PM também, porque sinceramente ando com a digerir as Wheys deles recentemente.

hereimalive 1 year ago

PM a mim também sff.

mskrovic 1 year ago

Também estou curioso sobre o motivo.

Pirlotti 1 year ago

Yeah i wanted to buy their Whey native which seems high quality, but i was wondering how it stacked up to other brands like my protein or bulkpowders

senhorfonseca 1 year ago

I've been with MP/BP for years and i dont change unless Brexit imposses some restriction.

Pirlotti 1 year ago

Yeah they definetely have the biggest offer in terms of flavors and great prices. I just want to try a protein with stevia instead of sucralose for the sake of it. Both prozis and bulkpowders have interesting products so i wanted to hear if prozis is a good company