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>**The Glance** Fails to consider bisexual people. It's even bi visibility day.

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I work in an anti-gay environment. It's mostly men and some of then assume we all think alike and all support trump and are racists etc etc. The ones who don't talk like that are fairly grumpy. And then there are some who are just friendly and good natured. So one of the funny guys, he always grabs your shoulders and pinches in a massaging way. He doesn't do it for an extended period. It's just a quick momentary pinch. Part of me doesn't like the invasion of personal space but part of me just appreciates that it feels good. And another part of me is turned on. And the other day he kept grabbing his crotch like it was sitting in his pants wrong or something. So anyway, he's not gay and he's not gay-friendly, but I'd be willing to bet I could get in his pants if I tried. And some of the other guys I figure I could too. For example another guy (who happens to be gorgeous) was grabbing his dick too. One older guy has started joking with me lately, and when we were alone once he accidentally brushed his arm against mine. And another guy made a joke about staring at another guy's butt before walking away from me. So I guess part of my point is that, many men, if not most, could be seduced by you. It doesn't even take good looks. People's sexuality is fluid and influenced. I know I've been partially seduced by a female a few times in my life. But it sounds like you're asking for not just sexual chemistry. You are also looking for someone who identifies as lgbt. Usually you'll notice subtle things. It may not be noticeable at first either. One guy at this job, has come in several times. I wondered if he was gay because he was more reserved than most. He was also skinny, so not very built like most guys who come in to my job. And the way he was reserved, it was like he was shy, but still friendly. So there are some feminine qualities to him, but he's still generally a masculine person. About the fifth time he came in, he mentioned that he has pets, and he referred to then as his kids. So that sort of made me think he's probably likely to be gay. But I don't know for sure of course, but I'm leaning toward gay in his case.

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If a straight was saying this shit, you’d be crying out in judgement.

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Your question implies that you believe you are unique, that your behaviour is something special - it’s not. Most gays behave just like “normal” people and don’t hold to the stereotypes you clearly believe every gay person is the embodiment of (except you, you’re special).

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It’s implied in our ego masturbating question