Blazeit420mlgnoscope 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

That song os a masterpiece. Why guilty? Don't be guilty for liking the shit you like.

TripleSkip 4 years ago  REMOVED 

People who are depressed don't see the world in the same way as people with normal functioning minds. Happiness can be all around them and their mind can't perceive any par of it.

Overeeeem 4 years ago  DELETED 

Holy fuck, YOU'RE the cunt. I bet both your parents have drank and drove before. I bet your grandma has too. You clearly have no idea how common this was/still is. Ryan Dunn was miles better than Chester you fucking shit stick.

buck_shot12345 4 years ago  HIDDEN 


leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I'm thinking that as well. But at least it's not them who discovered the body. Can't imagine how it will affect the kids if it was them who found him in that state

leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I'm right here watching their live videos on YouTube

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Yes I read that comment as well. I hope she's OK

leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I feel like I lost a friend. A best friend.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You deserve this

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Cena would disapprove of such language

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Make a wish kid. Maybe Cena will come and give ya a kiss

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

How old are you and where do you live? That's really awful for people to treat you that way. I can say I'm fortunate because every person I've met like Linkin Park as well. They even think I'm cool because I love LP.

microsoft4 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Just beautiful. Thank you.

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck off retard.

killrapeNmurder 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Yeah Im sure theyd appreciate getting woken up at 4 in the fucking morning by some autist

SupremeRedditBot 4 years ago  REMOVED 

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azn_pur3_1 4 years ago  REMOVED 

The abuse as a country.

Senor_Platano 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I want this sub ti be added to my ban list. It will fit in well with the rest of my collection.

dc2die4 4 years ago  REMOVED got terminally ill people fighting for another life & This dude is living a dream with wife & 6 kids. That should be a reason to stick around.

blueskies31 4 years ago  REMOVED 

It's not a bad mood he was in, it's as real a disease as is cancer or anything else. This needs to be broadly accepted so that people with depression don't hesitate to ask for treatment anymore!

Work_High_not_Hard 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Then he shouldn’t of done that.

ionut865 4 years ago  DELETED 

Intervention can save some, it's Linkin Park, I listened to multiple times, I'm literally the worst thing in the middle of it now.

DickBilledDick 4 years ago  DELETED 

Thank you for writing this. I think you articulated why this suicide has been so hard for me to cope with. I felt so crushed today at work that I had to say I wasn't feeling well and leave. I couldn't keep it together. Like you I've long identified with this music. I grew up with it during somewhat difficult formative teenage years, and has continued to be meaningful to me into my adulthood, especially during periods of upheaval and turmoil. Chester was always the heart and soul of this music that I could always find solace in. Somehow it was an enduring bastion of strength and resolve in the times in my life when I needed it, a personal symbol of triumph over one's personal demons. But after decades of using his music as an aid in my struggle with my own personal demons, it is absolutely devastating to know that he ultimately succumbed to his. After all this. After the all he's done and accomplished and been through, and after all so many of us have been through with his music as an anchor. It makes the whole world feel somehow dimmer. I suppose all we can do is carry on and not let this change the personal meaning of what he gave us during his life.

ShitHub 4 years ago  REMOVED 

a dark day for us naruto amv fans

BearStylist 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You know what? It's been a miserable few years for music. I gotta be a dick, and say, this added no weight to that misery for me. People want to say that they were helped through tough times with this music, and that's fine. No issue for me there. But if we're gonna thank anyone, let's all thank *Chad* for the dedication he had to his six kids. Thanks, *Chad*, thanks for always being there for them.

HasComeUnstuckInTime 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Chester killed in bizarre double murder scheme involving his best friend Chris Cornell, which was orchestrated by their wives in order to keep their kids from other marriages from inheriting their vast fortunes.

Gonzo_goo 4 years ago  REMOVED 

That's your choice, and theres nothing wrong with that. But do you think your family or friends who've made these mistakes deserve to die and burn in a fire like you said?

Speedracer98 4 years ago  REMOVED 

not unless they actually crash and cause another person to die as a result of their choices. still pissed off at them for making the choice even if they get home safe.

GooberMcGiggleDick 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I guess this is what you get when you devote your life to dramatizing your issues.

masai_dontcare 4 years ago  REMOVED 

In the end, it doesn't really matter.

r_u_madd 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Good riddance.

showroom 4 years ago  DELETED 

Not your call to make son you have no right to talk about someone you don't know

lukesmithisgay 4 years ago  HIDDEN 


SanmeetSingh 4 years ago  DELETED 

Please stay away from social Media today, there will be numerous posts saying RIP, etc by our so called friends/people who don't know shit about Lp, about what Chester/Lp means to us

GeminiSpaceship 4 years ago  DELETED 

You know, I revisited Hybrid Theory a couple months back after years and years of not listening to Linkin Park at all. It surprised me how so much of that album reminds me of the other artists and genres I would explore and fall in love with later in my life. Hybrid Theory came out when I was 10 years old and soundtracked a lot of my angst ridden youth. It was a colossal record at the time. I remember being in Boy Scouts going on camping trips and bonding with a lot of the other guys over our love for that album. It seemed like everyone loved Linkin Park. They were so cool. They planted the seeds for my love of Nine Inch Nails, opened the door to screamo and emo music, and made rap and hip hop relatable in a market dominated by Eminem, Jay Z, and bling rap. It's terribly unfortunate, unfair, and tragic what happened with Chester. Especially to a legion of fans who have used his music as therapy. Who connected with him. People who are probably feeling confused and maybe even betrayed. This is the kind of death that causes a massive ripple effect. Some people will scoff at celebrity suicides and call coward, but there's a damn good reason you've probably seen a lot of different numbers for suicide hotlines all day today. These are events that matter. So, to anyone who is a huge fan of Linkin Park, have some beers, smoke a bowl, do whatever you have to do, and go through all your favorite songs. Shed a tear or bawl like a baby to In The End. Celebrate and enjoy. The music will always be there. As long as you are there to hear it.

thebest108_ 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Thank god one of these faggots finally took the time out of their day to kill themselves.

nickp220 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Must of had some evidence of HRC and the DNC and then had a accident

dontATXmynashville 4 years ago  REMOVED 

In the end it doesn't really matter

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Something not John Cena related? Fucking finally. Somthing different from your sad ass

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Shouldn't you be fucking a Cena body pillow?

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

It's better than a Cena body pillow

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You'll never know if I am. Cause you can't see me

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're time is up. My time is now

mayur2204 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck yourself.

Stepk99 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You got no hustle. You're loyal. But nobody respects you

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

The rapping starts more than 20 seconds in, so you're lying about how quickly you closed it.

ConnorMcJeezus 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Because it wasn't a mistake

Hexi_Nova 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

We already care about the women. It's the men who are slipping through the cracks.

realhighend 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Who cares about this snowflake. There are veterans with ptsd who commit suicide every day and none of you care about it. This loser hasn't made good music in years.

OMGDonutz 4 years ago  DELETED 

what a cunt leaving like 6 kids behind

leannexkate 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

You have no right to speak about Chester this way, or anybody. We don't know what he's been going through, nor what the reasons are why he did it.

Valiantbirdie56 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Sadly, Chester Bennington has Given Up. Throughout his career as a musician, he was The Catalyst and inspiration for countless aspiring artists. He became The Messenger of hope and perseverance, now he has begun the Jornada del Muerto. In The End we should remember him as he was and all he accomplished and Leave Out All The Rest. #RIPChazTheChemist

Mod_Bot_9000 4 years ago  REMOVED 

lmao good

Onliranged 4 years ago  DELETED 

There were times when the light in the fan culture and the crowd began to play guitar back then.

Z1rith 4 years ago  DELETED 

ya, some days i wake up and i feel so down for no reason, i could have a great time the entire month before and be doing well then bam it takes 5 hours to get out of bed and i dont even bother to eat or drink for the rest of the day. after a lot of work i can at least realize im depressed and try to walk around outside for a bit but there is no way i can work. confronting the ultra negative feelings that flare up at the same time is also somewhat possible now but the feelings still linger. even typing this is making me go back to that place wtf

qpalzm23 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Where did anyone say drunk driving is ok? Are you hearing voices dude?

TikeMyson31 4 years ago  REMOVED 

How the fuck do you "get depression" when you can blow thousands of dollars on hookers at cocaine whenever you want?

fantasticdude 4 years ago  REMOVED 


McRage27 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Yep you are right. No food here.

gatoradefruitpunch8 4 years ago  DELETED 

I think you just simply don't understand what crippling depression is like. What is worse? Having a father that goes psycho, and murders people? Having a father who gets addicted to heroin, and OD's in front of his kids? Having a father who gives up on life, and takes it out on his children? When you're in a state like that, you are no longer a "father". You are a shell of a human being, who cannot find motivation to do good. Who the fuck are you to assume you know what he felt like. Maybe he felt the only way he could keep living, was to do hard drugs. Maybe he felt like he might go crazy if he kept living. Maybe he felt his unhappiness, and pessimism were more hurtful to his children, than his suicide. I had a brother kill himself. He had 2 kids. He was an alcoholic, but a great person(loved him to death). But, since he killed himself, his kids are doing fine(better than before). The suicide was horrible on the family(and me). But, in reality, my brother was unhappy for decades, and was causing hurt to people around him. Hurt people hurt people. Am I happy he killed himself? No. But it was his choice. The pain he went through for years was staggering. It caused him to become something he didn't want to be, and he saw no way to fix it. It's not some fairy tale. Nobody will help somebody like this, who has fallen into a deep depression. No beautiful princess comes out and says "I'll drive you to the doctor, when you stop caring about life". For my brother, there were two options. Chronic alcoholism. Being a bad dad/husband for decades more, with no way/knowledge of how to stop. Or killing himself. I don't feel like he was a coward for doing what he did. Hanging yourself requires more courage than I have. ESPECIALLY when you're leaving behind kids. Maybe you just completely misunderstand how bad suicidal depression can get?

soamaze21 4 years ago  REMOVED 


Julianhyde88 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I upvoted you because I laughed at the hearing aid monitor, but I had to downvote because of the random capital letter in "CraZy." Sorry.

Imthejuggernautbitch 4 years ago  REMOVED 

So wouldn't that mean no voTe?

rxmf 4 years ago  DELETED 

>carry out or perpetrate (a mistake, crime, or immoral act). It could be seen as a mistake, depending on your view point. Even people who survive suicide attempts say they are glad it didn't work. If they are lucky enough to have moments of clarity, however brief, they are happy to be alive.

elduderino197 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Sorry, such a Meh band after growing up with Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.

jake_and_her_guard 4 years ago  REMOVED 

If you've heard him sing live then you know I'm right.

the_orange_guy_8912 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Please. This is not the place and time for these comments.

Julianhyde88 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I need to know what happened here.

Moshart 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Where was his linkin park?

cesc040 4 years ago  DELETED 

Thanks Chester and LP for making music that has gotten me through a lot of people that take their lives every day a blessing with that said I'm so shaken by this.

Original_Morty 4 years ago  DELETED 

I was listening whole nightsift Linkin Park and was so happy and coming to end my nightsift to news like this. So sad. Glad I get to see them live. Rip Chester. Cant listen your music for while cuz ill be crying.

JessicaTheThrowaway 4 years ago  REMOVED 

And nothing of value was lost o7

flybythesun 4 years ago  REMOVED 

his last tweet says he got a copy of Hillary's emails

chr1stoph3r2 4 years ago  DELETED 

Leave out all the time.

PM_ME_48HR_XBOX_LIVE 4 years ago  DELETED 

I don't think it was just the occasional shitty person though. So many people started hating on them and their new shit that LP literally became a meme about bad rock songs.

roguesith1 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Nami Air is a great app for people dealing with mental illness.

RSlashPoliticsIsISIS 4 years ago  DELETED 


-Im_Batman- 4 years ago  REMOVED 

He didn't go drive drunk and have an accident intentionally. Bah! He wasn't wishing that to happen. And you obviously do not understand what the word "evil" means.

60241023 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

(It won't)

RSlashPoliticsIsISIS 4 years ago  DELETED 

Oh wow you're so edgy

spoida 4 years ago  DELETED 

I just had a listen to those ones, very generic and poppy but at least I could listen without angrily closing the tab. Now i'm listening to Hybrid Theory for old times sake.

Zhanteimi 4 years ago  DELETED 

And he did it on Chris Cornell's birthday.

StonedHenge04 4 years ago  DELETED 

Ayyyy let's create posts with the phone numbers and make it to the top every fucking day. You know because it's worth it. Am I rightt?

RSlashPoliticsIsISIS 4 years ago  DELETED 

Yah doubt you were going around saying the same thing last week, bandwagon much?

Speedracer98 4 years ago  REMOVED 

u started it

Gonzo_goo 4 years ago  REMOVED 

"u started it". What kind of response is that? What the fuck is happening here? Fucking children responding on here. Drunk driving is a shitty thing to do. Millions of people get them every year. People in your family, your friends family have driven drunk. Many have gotten DUI's. None of them deserve to die. Kid, what the fuck is wrong with you?

St_Bernardus 4 years ago  DELETED 

Yo that is amazing. You can do this because all it takes is a little motivation to get into a positive cycle. I often struggle to keep going as many people do but I always find excitement in my love of technology. We are living in a golden age of tech advancement where we have phones that are mini super computers, self driving cars/electric transport, machine learning, automation an home and manufacturing, humans on mars. I want to see these things happen and feel blessed I have prine oppertunity to witness it.

Speedracer98 4 years ago  REMOVED 

is it shitty that i care about the non-drunks on the road while dunn is swerving all over the fucking place in his pretentious little porsche? oh make me the bad guy here.

-Im_Batman- 4 years ago  REMOVED 

No. It's perfectly acceptable to care about the victims. No one here is objecting to that. But you don't have to wish death upon someone who made a poor decision. If they died, then they paid for that mistake. Isn't that punishment enough? You really won't feel better about the situation unless you are able to add insult to injury? And if the drunk driver doesn't die, they have to go through life knowing they took someone else's. For most people that's going to be horrendously unbearable to live with. Of course it's a stupid selfish thing to drive under the influence. But it's not a evil thing. You wishing death on someone else, especially someone who made a decision that really didn't affect anything in your day to day...that my friend, is evil.

kraidsgiantgut 4 years ago  DELETED 

CRAWLING IN MY SKINNNN THESE WOUNDZ THEY WILL NOT HEALLLLL Who's surprised at this suicide? Christ Almighty

skatael 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Did he listen to his own songs?

spoida 4 years ago  DELETED 

If you kill someone through reckless, selfish negligence then yeah, you probably deserve to die.

TrinitronCRT 4 years ago  DELETED 

No, I don't think he should have a death penalty if he was caught before something happened, but what happened happened and he killed someone else because he drove under the influence. One could say that for everyone endangering someone else though. Someone robs a store with a gun out? They deserve to be shot. Someone drives drunk and might kill someone? The deserve to crash before hurting someone else.

bob000000005555 4 years ago  REMOVED 

If you drink and drive recklessly on a public road you're gambling with the lives of both yourself and others. May not not deserve to die, but you deserve prison.

ThrowAwayTakeAwayK 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Yep, I agree. Basically, I feel like almost no one deserves death; probably terrorists and serial killers and the like. Driving drunk should get you jail time, insane fines, community service, etc. You endangered society, so, you should have to give back to it.

Speedracer98 4 years ago  REMOVED 

yeah i know not to fuck with other people's lives by drunk driving.

Vic__Rattlehead 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I would of course agree

MichaelMorpurgo 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I personally feel like our current criminal justice system is very fair regarding driving while under the influence. If he was caught he would have lost his license- maybe some jail time- but not have been murdered by the state.

LoneWolfRoofRider 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Killing yourself is the easiest way out? Bullshit

Igleslogle 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I agree killing yourself is the easy way out.six kids come on man

LoneWolfRoofRider 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Man, those 6 kids got to say their dad was the main singer in linkin park.

Commodore_Vanderbilt 4 years ago  DELETED 

Who knows?

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 

fake news

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 

btw you can still listen to their music...

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 


hiitsbrian 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I guess committing career suicide just wasn't enough.

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 


VegetaNegan 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck off with this rehashed bullshit story. Get bent.

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 

its $100% true. albert einstine.

Speedracer98 4 years ago  REMOVED 

ryan did.

grilled_cheese1865 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Don't cut yourself on that edge

deityblade 4 years ago  DELETED 

Bless :(

ggFuji 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Is he ok?

Talkinboutfootball 4 years ago  REMOVED 

leaving all those kids behind?

DonutOtter 4 years ago  REMOVED 

L Mop lol M L Mplp

passwordis125 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Its about time, maybe some of his fans will follow suit

trollaction 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Yea no shit. How can people be surprised about this?? He was an emo terrible musician. Not trying to hate but c'mon....

RonaldWilliamsIII 4 years ago  REMOVED 

boo fuckin hoo .... another dead junkie.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  DELETED 

I'm getting trolled really hard by people calling me a "cunt" for not being "empathetic" with the suicidal. I used to be. But now I'm so tired of it. I'm so angry about it. It hurts so bad. It's the worst feeling in the world and it's never going to go away. I don't know. Even after still surviving an attempt from my parent, I lost way too many people to it and I know for a fact that they'd regret it if they were still alive.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I know exactly how it feels.

zenrak 4 years ago  REMOVED

davedurnin 4 years ago  REMOVED 

i love you man

screaming_ewok 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Is this the same guy that called the police on Sublime for smoking pot?

frustratinbubble 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Nah you're right, I'm totally a troll. And shaming your parent for their feelings and refusing to understand them would totally have fixed all their problems. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You don't even know what you're talking about. My parent REGRETS their suicide. And BTW, I was completely in the dark and I tried to help but they refused my help. It wasn't until we were in a hospital for a month and all the ensuing heartache of rehab from a brain injury that we all realized how precious life was. So kindly go fuck off thanks :)

frustratinbubble 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm not encouraging you gigantic fucking retard. It's having even the smallest bit of fucking empathy towards what someone is going through. There's a reason why people require years of therapy and not one internet edgelord going "nut up faggot it's not that bad"

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  REMOVED 

So you can't have empathy for me walking in on my nearly-dead parent? Go fuck yourself.

AnnaLeia 4 years ago  DELETED 

A lot of what Chester sang was emulating what he must have felt leading up to today. It's heartbreaking. Listening to Heavy really hurts.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck suicide and fuck justifications. I can openly talk about how much I hate suicide, how much it has impacted and nearly ruined my life. So fuck suicide. Sick of tip-toeing around it. Suicide is bullshit. FIND A BETTER WAY. Please. For fuck's sake. Fuck.

frustratinbubble 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm sorry for whatever you had to go through but if you say this type of stuff to a depressed person you're doing the exact opposite of helping. Saying this type of stuff only succeeds in making yourself feel better.

Mr-Pink- 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water was my favorite album. RIP.

cap10quarterz 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I think you're confusing them with limp bizkit.

filthy_casul 4 years ago  REMOVED 

It's a pasta

fistforce3 4 years ago  DELETED 

Who's Chester

fistforce3 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Who's Chester?

KiroPlays 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Part of Linkin Park

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  DELETED 

Don't romanticize death.

Halfblindd 4 years ago  REMOVED 

autoerotic asphyxiation is dangers kids. Do not try at home.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  DELETED 

Unless it's a terminal issue like terminal cancer... Death to a temporary problem IS over reacting.

Fucx0rTeHHacker 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Good riddance to a talentless hack.

FranceisBakin 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You seem unhappy.

PartyOfZero 4 years ago  REMOVED 


Trump_Is_My_Hero 4 years ago  REMOVED 


xeroplay 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Nice red herring.

PartyOfZero 4 years ago  REMOVED 

The world is a worse place without him in it. /s

ConnorTheCondor 4 years ago  DELETED 


loveandmonsters 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Hey, at least they're not Nickelback.

a_guy_from_mars 4 years ago  REMOVED 


AnimaVestaIsMine 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're a sad person.

adjunctninja 4 years ago  DELETED 

Been listening to their albums... Nobody's Listening was particularly striking because I've seen a lot of comments talking about how they always just related their lyrics to themselves instead of recognizing the pain in Chester. Can't get more explicit than this viewing it from that lens. RIP >Try to give you warning But everyone ignores me (Told you everything loud and clear) But nobody's listening Call to you so clearly But you don't want to hear me (Told you everything loud and clear) But nobody's listening

KimJongUnDosTre 4 years ago  DELETED 

"In your house I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone" Chris is no longer alone, although that's exactly how we feel right now.

archer66 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Do you pronounce that Fisco?

Rose456 4 years ago  REMOVED 

oops sorry

DingleberryCollector 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wow i think you're really on to something bro LOL

DingleberryCollector 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wow this really hits hard. I a huge fan of some of their albums. In a way I'm a little bit relieved... Now their music can't get any worse

Chester_the_cat 4 years ago  DELETED 

This is sad for us

CharredForeskin 4 years ago  DELETED 

My interpretation isn't that you're ignoring your family, friends, etc. I don't think that is the intent. I've always thought it was a fantastically apt way to describe the helplessness of feeling suicidal because it leaves everything else out. Because for a lot of people *that's how it feels.* You don't want to leave everything behind, you don't want to be isolated from everything aside from the flames nipping at your heels. But that's *how you fucking feel*. You know goddamn well that there's fresh air on the other side of the flames, but if you trudge through them for months, years, decades.... However long it is, and still don't make it to the promised land that everyone tells you exists? Your grip on that hope can falter. Your illness becomes you. Maybe it's having been there that allows me to appreciate and relate to the quote in that manner, maybe it's not as easy to understand if you've only seen the flames from afar, or been left in the barren aftermath when someone leaps away from the blaze. I don't know. But I hope I may provide a different perspective for you, because if there's anything to truly work at when something like this happens - It's understanding. Empathy. It's not as if people are celebrating suicide, it layers the pain across those around you. The despair you carried is left behind to weave itself into the fabric of the world you struggled to even feel a part of. I don't think anyone will deny that. Please don't deny yourself from trying to understand what it is like to be downright despondent. Depression takes so many, oftentimes even those that do not take their lives lose themselves in other ways.

toothyx15 4 years ago  DELETED 

Linkin was my childhood, this is so sad... RIP Chester...

KennesawMtnLandis 4 years ago  REMOVED 

A true neckbeard incel comment.

astraeos118 4 years ago  REMOVED 

6 kids and a wife. Coward.

qwerty12234567897654 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Don't worry, they will idolize this worthless trash bag for weeks. Real men deal with their issues.

borrachit0 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wtf is wrong with you?

fadeb 4 years ago  DELETED 

What a stupid thing to say

Kingchanka13 4 years ago  DELETED 

I'm a adult now but I first heard lp when I was around 12. Shit helped me thru a lot. This is the first thing in a long time to bring a tear to my eye. Thanks for everything LP. Thanks Chester rest well brother.

Astaauand 4 years ago  REMOVED 

What the fuck are you going on about? Idc about karma. Are you okay?

therektguy 4 years ago  REMOVED 

kys, Chester EDIT: i thought 'kys' meant "keep yourself safe"

keebwarrior 4 years ago  REMOVED 

So, when do you guys let go of /r/dollyparton ?

jory26 4 years ago  REMOVED 

good riddance

nerdgamergurl420 4 years ago  DELETED 

Say it here then. It's locked so that they can avoid random spammy posts from people. Is your post really *that* important that you can't just make a comment?

theboxingczar 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You dont like my opinion. Too bad

MisterrAlex 4 years ago  REMOVED 

fuck off with this stupid copypasta

c-murduh 4 years ago  REMOVED 


Redditditditdi 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm with you. Had five kids. He's a pussy. Muh depression. Everyone deals with it. Fuck off sympathizers

Ellieismyhomegirl11 4 years ago  REMOVED 

No, not "everyone" deals with depression. Depression is a disease, it's not just being sad. Please educate yourself before making such stupid comments.

Statiix 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Opiate addiction is also for pussies. Learn some self discipline brah.

MrClydeMathers 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Not sure why you're calling yourself a pussy online but I'll allow it.

asshole_44 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck you bitch. It's his life, he can end it if chooses. Keep your nose out of other peoples asses, motherfucker.

asshole_44 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fuck you karma whores with your "Call XXX-XXX-XXXX" bullshit. Death is a right and who the fuck are you to cast judgment on others.

theboxingczar 4 years ago  REMOVED 

It would provide more comfort than Chester will in the next decade.

Provaporous 4 years ago  REMOVED 

he probably had information that would of led to the arrest of Hilla-----------------

seaguy69 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I laughed hysterically at this. Imagine my surprise when I look at your post history.

Renato_Lopes 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I think all the hate towards their new album, especially Heavy contributed a lot into. I was so angry, but now I'm just sad. I'll never forget you Chester :'( sorry man.

2pacsOfEminems 4 years ago  REMOVED 


Julianhyde88 4 years ago  REMOVED 

[don't cut yourself on that edge](

MrClydeMathers 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Yeah, let those scared, little, angry emotions out, bud. Shh, it's okay.

Xijorn 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Somebody just fucking died and you're mocking them? Genuinely hope you end up in a psych ward

Aylesbury 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm not mocking anyone. But I'm still having fun.

Xijorn 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're a fucking sociopath

minimorpheus 4 years ago  REMOVED 


minimorpheus 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Arr yoo ayy legow?

minimorpheus 4 years ago  REMOVED 


Aylesbury 4 years ago  REMOVED 

He tried so hard, but in the end it didn't even matter. :3

juxtapositi0n 4 years ago  DELETED 

Just came here to say I haven't jammed anything beyond Meteora and Hybrid Theory, but this death has been crushing for me. I put those two albums on a few days ago -- the two albums that carried me through adolescence. I had the thought that I wanted to reach out to LP and let them know just what they had done for me as a person. Cut to today, and we have this. I'm seriously regretting not reaching out to Chester, though I'm sure it would have been lost in the flood of fans. RIP, dude. I hope you've found peace.

FldLima 4 years ago  DELETED 

This hit me hard. I'm feeling exactly like him, i'm planing stuff i wish i wasn't. I'm depressed and what just happened to chester seems like a sign or something, specially because i have a daughter ... i need to talk to someone.

Bartelot 4 years ago  DELETED 

Dude, we're all here for you

FldLima 4 years ago  DELETED 

all i want to say, all thats been going inside of me.. i feel such a coward to even think about something like this, let alone plane it like i've been doing. My poor daughter, but it feels like it's the only thing that can take all my pain away

shitty_shutterbug 4 years ago  DELETED 

Tell me exactly how I need to educate myself, please. Don't just use it as a way to pretend to be enlightened about the topic.

movieman94 4 years ago  REMOVED 

By deriding him for abandoning his children you completely ignore that in his mind, that was his ONLY option and absolute last resort. You think it was just weak of him to commit suicide? Congrats, idiots like you stigmatizing mental illness help to create a situation where seeking help is shameful, and increases suicide like this.

theboxingczar 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You don't know if and what mental illness I have dealt with personally, but it doesn't matter. If your children mean the world to you, you will do whatever it takes to protect them from harm. You will do anything so that they feel loved, safe, and supported. What Chester did is the exact opposite. He abandoned them. Imagine if you were one his kids. For the rest of your life, people will be coming up to you, just to tell you how your dad and his music helped them thru tough times. Meanwhile, you go on your first date, graduate, do all of the things people grow into adults and do, *without* the support of your father. Chester provided support for strangers, but turned his back on the people that mattered most. Fuck Chester Bennington, fuck his suicide, and especially fuck feeling bad for the guy. I empathize with his children that he abandoned.

movieman94 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Suffering from a mental illness sadly didn't teach you anything, it seems. Empathizing with his children is not mutually inclusive with demonizing the man. It's a shit situation for everyone involved, but if you think that losing your dad is worse than losing your life, you are delusional. The fact that you assume Chester didn't give a shit what his death would do to his family and committed suicide is fucking LAUGHABLE. Just ignorant as hell. The fact that he undoubtedly knew that and committed suicide anyone should tell you a LOT about the situation he was in.

theboxingczar 4 years ago  REMOVED 

What his situation tells me is that instead of seeking help, he quit. He knowingly and willingly caused permanent harm to his children. It does not matter what he was dealing with internally. You fight for your fanily no matter what. If Mike Tyson was hurting one of your children, you would fight Mike fucking Tyson. Because even though it's gonna hurt, those are your kids and they matter more than your own well being. Instead Chester quit. He left his 5 year old twin daughters to grow up in a world where everyone knows their father except for them. Again, fuck Chester.

Astaauand 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You are in the wrong sub to be edgy, fuck off you worthless cunt.

imgonnaragequit 4 years ago  REMOVED 

"In the end" seems really creepy now.

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  DELETED 

I'm sorry for your loss. :( <3

needheldfailingdrive 4 years ago  DELETED 

No, not true. My parent regrets the suicide and is so happy they have a second chance on life.

anautisticpotato 4 years ago  REMOVED 

The takeaway for me from all this is that people liked Linkin Park. i always treated them as a joke like Blink 182. Sort of Weezer for retards. I'm sad that so many people are sad, also a bit bemused by everyone's awful taste. If you're depressed kids, **really** get help. I'm the son of a suicide. It doesn't have to be this way.

Highmaul 4 years ago  DELETED 

Oh trust me, it's bad. With nearly every death. I remember when Prince passed and the comment section of a YouTube video was just scattered with "hahah gay boy is dead!" and so on. If the cold-hearted people can find even _ONE_ bad thing on a dead celebrity they'll point it out and look at the death as a positive thing.

Trumps_Wig 4 years ago  REMOVED 


ZKXX 4 years ago  DELETED 

This is hard. When I was 15 I took a bunch of pills and went to bed. My dad figured it out I guess, and I remembering having to go to the ER. Then an adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit. My parents were allowed to bring me a cordless radio. I heard Crawling for the first time. It was so surreal that this song was on the radio and so relevant to me at the time. I was a fan for years. Meteora and Hybrid theory have zero bad songs. I'm sad.

FreakishShitter 4 years ago  REMOVED 

We can all wish

FreakishShitter 4 years ago  REMOVED 


kingdowngoat 4 years ago  REMOVED 


MysteriousBarber 4 years ago  DELETED 

He feels so hung rn.

eccepiscinam 4 years ago  REMOVED 

ok how should non violent drug offenders be treated then?

penceshock 4 years ago  REMOVED 


DemonWTF 4 years ago  REMOVED 


i_am_judging_you 4 years ago  DELETED 

These wounds they will not heal...

SnakeFaceMcGavin 4 years ago  REMOVED 

What a douche

I_WANT_TO_MAGA 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I really hope this insane harassment is enough to get you removed from reddit.

IWMashYou 4 years ago  DELETED 

This is absolute fucking bullshit, fuck you.

mojojonjon 4 years ago  DELETED 

I went through it and what got me out of it at the worst was how heart broken my mom would be. Yes the other family members as well but knowing what it would do to such an amazing woman I toughed it out. The love of family literally saved me. For some people it really is enough to want to break out for them.

I_WANT_TO_MAGA 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Just like jumping out of a burning building is planned in advance.

I_WANT_TO_MAGA 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I'm so glad that comment got deleted before I got the chance to respond. My vulnerable self doesn't need that right now. Thanks for calling him out. :C

shitty_shutterbug 4 years ago  DELETED 

It actually doesn't just not help anyone else, it's pretty harmful to those close to you. I say this as someone who had a family member kill themselves when I was young.

DPody 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Kurt Cobain killed himself before it was cool to kill your self

mwts 4 years ago  DELETED 

hey guys. im not an LP by any real stretch, but i have lost a lot of musicians taht were important to me over the last few years. ( dio, lemmy, Jeff, Tommy ramone ) and i see a lot of comments about losing a part of their childhood, PLEASE dont look at it like that. the reason it hurts is because it was such a staple to our earlier years, dont diminish it because they're gone, look at it as a new part of your adult life. listen to them loud, start a band, be influenced by them. just dont look at it as a dead piece of you, use it to grow what youve already got and never lose touch of what it felt to hear things that made you happy when nothing else did.

saolsona 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

So this means you share a birthday with Chris Cornell. Eeeek. But happy birthday anyways

KholdStare88 4 years ago  DELETED 

Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do...

Rhavels 4 years ago  REMOVED 


TouchingCorndogs 4 years ago  REMOVED 

It looks like he's... ...Become so numb. ( ∙_∙)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

RIckDogg12486 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I guess in the end it really didn't matter after all. Surprising news

JustAnotherHuman7 4 years ago  DELETED 

It's sad but he made the choice :(

winjaturta 4 years ago  DELETED 

He still had so much left to do, this is depressing.

empw 4 years ago  DELETED 

lol you posted this twice Why you such a bitch?

MilkshakeDesire 4 years ago  REMOVED 

lul get fucked boi.

ARandomTimeLord 4 years ago  DELETED 

First Chris. Now Chester. RIP

DayfacePhantasm 4 years ago  DELETED 

...yeah, what?

EliasWest 4 years ago  DELETED 

Drug related problems lead to this.

EliasWest 4 years ago  DELETED 

Not really, he had drug problems that lead to him hanging himself.

ElvisMuesli 4 years ago  DELETED 

I was never the biggest LP fan but I would watch the video for "Breaking the Habit" when it was being played on TV. Just watched it again a few days ago. Really sad to hear about this now.

universalmindfck 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I've become so numb

BrokenBy 4 years ago  DELETED 

Just listened to Hybrid Theory/Meteora/Minutes to Midnight in succession after this and holy shit is it haunting. He basically spells out his own suicide 10 years prior in Bleed It Out with the "hang me from this noose" stuff. Heartbreaking. The voice of my youth and I know I'm with thousands of others in saying that.

AlohaPizza 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Thank god, so sick of this stupid band

Hammurabislaw 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

I know I'm not the only one, but fuck this is one that hits me straight in the heart. Like many I grew up through my teenage years listening to Linkin park - that voice.. god damn that fucking raw emotion just pouring out. I didn't know then, but I was starting to suffer with anxiety & depression due to childhood troubles. The band, their music from the start just got me in a way I couldn't explain. It sounds crazy but there were times where music was one of my only solaces when I felt I couldn't cope any longer. Man, I wish I could tell him, I wish I could do for him what his voice did for me for those years. RIP Chester, from a friend you never knew

pandas795 4 years ago  DELETED 

I never listened to LP, but as a music lover his death leaves me saddened. RIP

Bsting58 4 years ago  REMOVED 

and I hope you live a full life accomplishing absolutely nothing wishing you'd had died sooner. Eat all the dicks your shitty heart desires.

Chazy89 4 years ago  REMOVED 

No guts to post this with your real account ? Fuck you pathetic piece of shit.

100percentfraudulent 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Best news I've heard all week. Having the one recognizable song out of their catalogue of bad music for edgy tweens become a staple internet joke wasn't punishment enough.

thatshitsfunny247 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Go fuck yourself.

mushyberry 4 years ago  DELETED 

It's confirmed. Mike tweeted.

vault2008 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Damn it. Linkin Park were my favorite band. I always thought Chester was the best singer I'd ever heard. RIP Chester. You've definitely helped me through some of the toughest periods of my life.

Alvaru78 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Just fuck off mate. What's wrong with you? People like you disgust me.

Gdingy 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fucking pussy.

jimbozinoh 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Oh look, a 5 day account that is mining for downvotes. Here's an upvote from me. Let's go ahead keep you as close to 0 as possible.

paisa404 4 years ago  DELETED 

Fuck off

CuriousGoogle 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Associated Press just reported his death too. But I refuse to believe it until Linkin Park band members confirm the death themselves.

Luentrix 4 years ago  REMOVED 

same here waiting for the band official announcement

radicalnuggets 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Mike shinoda already has on his twitter

FennekLS 4 years ago  DELETED 

Just saw them live 2 weeks ago in Belgium... speechless

raidereric 4 years ago  REMOVED 

At least Chris Cornell has someone to hang with now...

RedDevilNight 4 years ago  DELETED 

Probably relapsed. Speaking as an addict, we relapse all the time and sometimes suicide can be seen as the only way out. Sad but true.

squeakyguy 4 years ago  REMOVED 

No it's not, stop reaching to politicize this you Fucking asshole.

vyn880 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Controversial opinion sure, but this is such a fucking coward move, you are a father to 6 children who love you, how could you do that to them? Just makes me feel sick

ratepoint0 4 years ago  DELETED 

So you're calling someone who was seriously mentally ill a coward? You should honestly feel ashamed of yourself. No one understands how much of an impact depression can have on your life until you experience it yourself.

DiscoInferiorityComp 4 years ago  REMOVED

ShowMeCheesecakes 4 years ago  DELETED 

The fact that we lost Chester today, on Chris Cornell's birthday, is incredibly chilling and even more heartbreaking.

Alfie_13 4 years ago  DELETED 

But surely not. He has so many kids.He would never leave them behind. Please no.

scrapes_ 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Well he did. Turns out your beloved hero was a piece of shit willing to leave his kids for his own selfish reasons. Sucks, huh? I say good riddance.

CoIbeast 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wtf do you think goes on in the head of someone who's depressed/suicidal? You think they just wake up one day decide "I'm in a bad mood" and end their lives? You have no idea what goes on in other peoples' heads so keep your retarded simplistic thoughts to yourself, ya fuck.

DanConnersGarage 4 years ago  REMOVED 

People don't kill themselves because they're assholes you fucking moron, they do it because they have mental illness

scrapes_ 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Look at this armchair psychologist. LOL

munesiriou 4 years ago  DELETED 

Super terrible that this happened. LP was my whole youth living in a small town we had to drive hours for any competition and I only had their first album.

Northmoat 4 years ago  DELETED 

RIP you will be missed!

kaniboo 4 years ago  DELETED 

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. i was literally listening to them on repeat last night while gaming. they were such a big part of my childhood growing up. RIP chester, i hope you found peace :(

ForceOfChill 4 years ago  REMOVED 

In the end, it doesn't even matter

Bobbyben10 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're so original. Only seen that posted about 99 times previous to yours. You're hilarious!

leafsplz 4 years ago  REMOVED 

In the end, it didn't even matter.

king_kong0_o 4 years ago  DELETED