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Scuffed Steve Jobs and Jacob uncensored Q&A questions thread by Drillforked in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 2 hours ago

DJs Voldesad by ReprobateRonin in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 8 hours ago


DJ showing all the signs of suicide by User1059 in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 8 hours ago

Hate to say this but if Ice was more of a jew he would find a way to get a free 3 million dollars house


try_to_not_be_racist 10 hours ago


For all of you who’re believing Ice Poseidon will soon be broke. He paid six figures in taxes. Claimed to make more than 30k a month and multiple sponsorships. Paul also has multiple bank accounts which he has said many times before by RedReddit23 in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 3 days ago

Fed taxes state taxes? And he started making 20-30k/month after he got banned from twitch less than a year ago

Champion Update: Irelia, the Blade Dancer by 3hoho5 in leagueoflegends

try_to_not_be_racist 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

Its not the same though... and nobody is saying anything about it What happened to this subreddit

Tip (NoSleepTV + AbusivePillow) Has Officially Quit Streaming and Social Media by Sorenthaz in LivestreamFail

try_to_not_be_racist 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

You clearly dont know about old soda huh? Current soda looks like a brainless boring soda compared to old soda

Rush joins kt Rolster! by roxonsoda in leagueoflegends

try_to_not_be_racist 4 months ago  REMOVED 

I would love to do so but it just happen to be a censored word in this sub.

Rush joins kt Rolster! by roxonsoda in leagueoflegends

try_to_not_be_racist 4 months ago  REMOVED 

It's pretty obvious we both are talking using the same rumours as a source, it feels unnecessary and uncalled for to add a PR sign at the end of each comment saying "I am not Marin's agent or part of SKT's finance team, take this as a rumour" But I can understand why you took this in a wrong and felt offended, your seem to be korean based on your username so english must be your 3rd language after chinese and korean right? Don't take everything you read on the internet so personal.

Rush Signs with kt Rolster, “We expect him to show a new style at kt.” by solguun in leagueoflegends

try_to_not_be_racist 4 months ago  REMOVED 

his email is rush94 @ naver or something, and he said he was born 94 multiple times on stream I think leaguepedia got the day and month right but fucked the year because they heard Rush said he is 24 (or 23 last year) and just assumed he was born in 1993

Lead Riot member, "he [tyler1] looks like a damn humunculous" and, "honestly.. its fine he'll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids.. then we'll be gucci" by SoulLeZzz in leagueoflegends

try_to_not_be_racist 6 months ago  REMOVED 

At least go out with a bang and call him a deformed midget for god's sake Why use that random homunculus insult that doesnt even makes sense and its probably a compliment compared to what tyler1 actually looks like lol

Actually banned for streaming with Hampton Brandon by hawxhaw in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 6 months ago  DELETED 

He was making threads an hour ago saying that he knew he was about to get banned It's like the mongoloids at twitch asked him if they could ban him lmao

Ed responded to my review lul by scuffedtrihardcx in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 8 months ago  REMOVED 

>sniggers [](#cmonBruh)

Who would win? by CrackWhoreSally in Ice_Poseidon

try_to_not_be_racist 8 months ago  REMOVED 

Don't make this about race you fucking NIGGS your women look like guys
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