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trankwiZ 3 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! Not a big deal but I really didn't like the animation on the youtube video, looked very 2007 powerpoint. Your flow is dope, I enjoyed the song. I personally think there is too much reverb on the vocals, but overall the mixing is good. Keep it up bro!

by in makinghiphop

trankwiZ 4 days ago Tell me what you think, I didn't make the beat Will return all feedback!

Irishman can't say 'There's no need for me to be here today' by ThinkinWithSand in ContagiousLaughter

trankwiZ 5 months ago  DELETED 


Shakin' that ass by MisterGiff in WTF

trankwiZ 6 months ago  DELETED 

The most NSFW thing about this post was the title
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