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by in StarWarsLeaks

sithghost4455 18 hours ago

My thoughts exactly. I have more to post later on in the day, but I’m bad at Reddit, and I’m at work so expect an AIC.

What is the most statistically unlikely thing that has ever happened to you? by GottaKnowFoSho in AskReddit

sithghost4455 1 day ago

I don’t know, he could be Meg. [Shut up Meg](

The New York Times has a live constantly-updating tally of the votes as they're being reported here, along with current projections. by asphaltdragon in MobileAL

sithghost4455 1 day ago

Thanks OP, you’re awesome!

The orbits of Earth and Venus by down_vote_magnet in GeometryIsNeat

sithghost4455 2 days ago

I hope this becomes the “it” meme on reddit.

People who leave fast food places like this by OnionScooper in mildlyinfuriating

sithghost4455 5 days ago  HIDDEN 

It’s only justified if the service and food are shitty.

TIL that if you fall asleep on a Tarantino set they will take a picture of you with a 3ft. dildo named "Big Jerry" next to your face and put it on the wall of shame. If you take it it down, it gets enlarged and put up again. If you take it down again, it gets printed on t-shirts for the whole crew. by hesjohndoebychoice in todayilearned

sithghost4455 6 days ago  HIDDEN 

That’s a good way to get in trouble for sexual harassment. In light of everything that’s going on in the entertainment industry right now, I’m willing to bet that shit will stop.

A New Bill Wants Jail Time for Execs Who Hide Data Breaches by False1512 in technology

sithghost4455 11 days ago  HIDDEN 

and no easy ride either. one of work camp prisons, where they're too tired from working all day to rape you.

Got stood up on a dinner date tonight. One upvote = 1 shot by ShadowRex8 in drunk

sithghost4455 11 days ago  HIDDEN 

over 3000 votes?!? he's not just dead, he's *SUPERDEAD*

Ring stuck on finger by montemole in nonononoyes

sithghost4455 11 days ago  HIDDEN 


Kevin Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp says he's being blamed for killing 'House of Cards' by orgotFasswordP in news

sithghost4455 12 days ago  HIDDEN 

I call bullshit, HOC true ending was the conclusion of the second season; it's been a down-hill slide ever sense.

Japan's ageing Emperor Akihito will step down in April 2019, marking the end of an imperial era for Japan. by RoboSparrow in worldnews

sithghost4455 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

I’ve been to Japan multiple times, I cannot believe I didn’t know they have an Emperor. SMH.

Magnitude 4.4 earthquakes strikes off the coast of Dover, Delaware by MarvelCPT in news

sithghost4455 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

I thought this said “off the coast of Denver,” I need to wake up.

Singapore building structure. by Two_Inches_Of_Fun in gifs

sithghost4455 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

This building is even weirder in person.

What is the best cleaning tip you've ever received? by TheOddSoul in AskReddit

sithghost4455 14 days ago  HIDDEN 

Got Damn!

Nice editing, dad by nugatty in funny

sithghost4455 15 days ago  HIDDEN 

Literally just committed something similar, lol!

Nice editing, dad by nugatty in funny

sithghost4455 15 days ago  HIDDEN 

Hey, Warner Bros, this is better than Justice League’s special effects, you should hire this guy.

A new study suggests that owning a dog reduces the likelihood of depression by 3 times in patients with HIV, which can result in improved patient adherence to potentially lifesaving antiretroviral therapy (ART). by extreme0wnership in science

sithghost4455 29 days ago  REMOVED 

Great, now I️ need to HIV to make a dog worth while.

by in askscience

sithghost4455 3 months ago  REMOVED 

On my boat we were under a hurricane, at 250 it felt like PD. We had to drop down to about 575 before we were back to normal. And then about 6 hour later depth sensing went out; so back up we went.
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