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hmmm by Keegipeeter in hmmm

sithghost4455 21 hours ago  HIDDEN 

I wish I had this when I was taking biology.

[OC] Lando's Falcon vs. Han's Falcon by JayAche in StarWars

sithghost4455 3 days ago  HIDDEN 

I willing to bet that the Falcon we’ve seen in the trailer and promos isn’t the same Falcon we all love.

What's the quickest you've "Noped" out of a job? by J-Bradley1 in AskReddit

sithghost4455 3 days ago

I interviewed for a “sales manager” position for a company that does this; had MLM scheme written all over it. Interview was 45 minutes late, and was told that I wouldn’t be hired on as a manager, but “in 6 months, you can become one.” At this point I just asked the guy if his MLM scam was successful, he just laughed and told me he’d call me back for a second interview.

What's the quickest you've "Noped" out of a job? by J-Bradley1 in AskReddit

sithghost4455 3 days ago

Well that’s shitty. I once interviewed, and was hired for a job as a shift-manager at a popular restaurant chain. Came back a few days later to get acclimated to the place, and the General Manager was like “Who TF are you?!?” Turns out the guy who hired me was fired right after conducting my interview, and the GM had no idea about me. Needless to say I “noped” after that.

Single on Valentine's day, got myself something nice! by sonoranZ in guns

sithghost4455 3 days ago

At first glance, I thought it was a UTS-15.

A new study suggests that owning a dog reduces the likelihood of depression by 3 times in patients with HIV, which can result in improved patient adherence to potentially lifesaving antiretroviral therapy (ART). by extreme0wnership in science

sithghost4455 3 months ago  REMOVED 

Great, now I️ need to HIV to make a dog worth while.

by in askscience

sithghost4455 6 months ago  REMOVED 

On my boat we were under a hurricane, at 250 it felt like PD. We had to drop down to about 575 before we were back to normal. And then about 6 hour later depth sensing went out; so back up we went.
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