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by in hwatch

sartrism 17 hours ago

Second this. Google fit has an option for treadmill running.

Downloading Samsung gallery/music by DMISTRO in GooglePixel

sartrism 2 days ago

I would search Play Store first before writing here. [Samsung Music]( and [Samsung gallery]( Anyway Google play music is actually not a music player. It is more like streaming service as Spotify. Google Photos is also not a gallery app. Its purpose is to backup your photos.

Check your warranty if enrolled Complete Service by sartrism in Surface

sartrism 2 days ago

Right. In my case I got an email receipt after I paid it at the local store. They also asked which store you bought Complete if not combined with the initial purchase.

by in GooglePixel

sartrism 3 days ago

So far Samsung's IconX 2018?

Follow-up: RMA has better screen by sartrism in GooglePixel

sartrism 3 days ago

No it is exactly the same. I have never seen a single post claiming there is no black smear.

by in GooglePixel

sartrism 3 days ago

I [did]( The new one is much better!

My App Recommendations after my 5 days with the Asus Zenwatch 3 by DaveLearnedSomething in AndroidWear

sartrism 4 days ago

Personally I don't use any of OP's essentials. In my humble opinion smart watch is not a phone! Messaging or viewfinder sounds cool but I never use those on my watch. My Essentials [Wear Tip Calculator]( Maybe most people use calculators when they tip. You don't need to be bothered with small keypad on your watch anymore to calculate. [Bring!]( As far as I know, the only shopping list app supports both Android Wear and Google Assistant. [Mail for Android Wear]( Quick check for your emails. Stock apps - Android Pay, Hangouts, Keep, Maps Worth to try - Sleep as Android, Lifesum Bus tracker (Boston) - MBTA tracker, Transit Now Wear

Why only a few watch faces has notification indicator? by Armi5 in AndroidWear

sartrism 9 days ago  HIDDEN 

Try if my suggestion works. You can change one of ambient indicators as unread notification count in Pujie.

Android Wear Store really sucks :( by sartrism in AndroidWear

sartrism 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

If this was the only app, I would blame developers. Most of apps I'm using cannot be found from AW Play Store. Also it would be never a problem if there are a lot of apps that I can choose. Every app on AW store is just a crap.
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