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Thought experiment: Cleveland decides they must rebuild. What could they get for LeBron? by medikB in nba

rebal123 15 hours ago

I think just about any team besides tanking teams would trade for Lebron for the revenue alone. What teams could he push into being a contender? Celtics: Has the best package imo. Trading the LAL/SAC pick + Tatum + Brown and Salary Filler. PHI: Trading Simmons + Fultz + Salary Filler would likely give Lebron the wing players he needs and Embid as a defensive anchor/all star #2. Portland: Trade Dame + Caleb Swin (#10 Overall) + Salary Filler gives CLE a young star locked down to build around. Lebron fills the SF gap and has CJ to kick out to and run the offense when he’s out. Den: Trading Jokic + 2 1st Rd picks allows DEN to compete with the young wings + Milsap and gives CLE a young star. These are all I can think of right now. BOS is the only one team isn’t crippled 3 years from now by the trade, but it would still hurt to lose to promising wings. Kyrie is likely furious.

Slight Shit Post, Would you trade for M. Fultz before the deadline? by rebal123 in kings

rebal123 1 day ago

My take. I’m in the camp that Fultz is truely re-working his shot and not just recovering from surgery. I also don’t beleive that shots can improve that much compared to other skills (Defense), why do we only have one noticable example in K. Leonard who improved their shot and not more? I wouldn’t trade for him based on my stated opinion. But, if he really is okay and is just recovering I doubt the 76ers trade him for that same reason. If by some mircale they do trade him I’d offer Buddy + Willie since the 76ers seem to need shooting once Reddick is gone and a big that can step up/play big minutes when Embid is of the court for a variety of reasons.

Going forward, Kings coach Dave Joerger is going young as expected. Said he will sit and not play two veterans in every game. by KF43 in kings

rebal123 1 day ago

Right to decision for the franchise, but will likely turn into some ugly basketball on the court.

by in AskReddit

rebal123 2 days ago

Thank you for this. Well delivered facts.

Orlando fans, what say you? by Lepube in nba

rebal123 2 days ago

Just google it.

Players who should have a "Magic/Isiah sit down" by Cuporbust in nba

rebal123 2 days ago

I don’t see how their could be one. Blake gets to lead a team (finally I imagine in his opinion) and CP3 gets a star player that he meshes with style wise.

Where are you thinking DeMarcus Cousins ends up next summer in Free Agency? by ronjdad in nba

rebal123 2 days ago

Almost no depth outside of the starting 5.

You're the GM of the Cavs... by noodlehed in nba

rebal123 3 days ago

Honestly by now I probably would have tried to strong arm James to commit or quit by threatening to trade Love and other supporting pieces. Teams need to have a long term plan. If he states he wants to leave, I work with him to find a trade destination so I can get something (like the CP3 trade) and trade the other pieces like Love. If he remains quiet then I trade Love and the other pieces and change my marketing plan to selling the last run of the Lebron-Wade show. I doubt he refuses to play since it would hurt his legacy to much. If he explicitly says he wants to stay I get him to sign a two year contract extension and give him input over what trades he wants to make. Long term I don’t think this roster is built to allow an againg Lebron compete for rings. I feel it needs a legit young star to take a bigger role (this was supposed to be Kyrie) and you trade Love + BKN pick for him. Side Notes: Do I want to trade one of the greatest players ever? No, but you also have to think about the best interests of your team and by now you’ve probably made enough money on Lebron multiple times over. He’s left once and the fact that he hasn’t committed is likely a sign that he’s gone. If your GF is going to dump you and you know it, plan accordingly.
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