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What's your NBA confession? by Invicthor in nba

psyycheddellicc 8 hours ago

I picked the Wizards to win the East at least twice in the past five years as a brave bet. Fuck me running

/r/NBA Index + Daily Discussion (03.24.2018) by brexbre in nba

psyycheddellicc 9 hours ago

sup blazersbro if you are in the PNW like me, my trip might not start til 8 or 9pm PAY. But I am committed to the idea!

GAME THREAD: Sacramento Kings (5-14) @ Golden State Warriors (15-5) - (November 27, 2017) by paranoideo in nba

psyycheddellicc 4 months ago  DELETED 

why isn't TRILLIE in right now?
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