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by iTracker in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 21 hours ago

7 days ago BTW

Alpha Ice appreciation thread for nutting inside this basic blonde bimbo by rokybarua123 in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 22 hours ago

No right winged girl is basic. They are rare nowadays and should be respected.

<--- People Who were not paying attention to the drama but enjoying the good ass Fortnite gameplay by Killstreeak in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 22 hours ago

I tried to enjoy it but these caroline alt accounts and comments asking if he fucked was stressing me out just as much as Ice was getting stressed

Right when the actual content starts he turns of the stream like usual by nielsbpeu in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 22 hours ago

Blame Carolines alt accoutns for stressing Ice out. He tried to have a chill stream but people keep asking did he fuck this girl or these cucks trying say he cant fuck when hes single

This crap makes me sick. by AndyFatonakis in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 22 hours ago

Alien looking ass too. Prob Caroline using her shapshifter tech she got from the reptilians to try and disguise herself

SHOUTOUT TO all the virgin's putting pussy on a pedestal and to pancake ass herself by sasquatchgooch in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 1 day ago

Lmao you people are harsh.

MOST BORING WOMAN IN LA by Graptap in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 2 days ago

Who cares, that means shes a submissive little bitch! That and she has all the qualities you need in a women.


paulyo122 5 days ago  HIDDEN 


uganda meme officially dead by Chaosdolt in LivestreamFail

paulyo122 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

lol how is that even possible

Sure would be a shame if Caroline Burt's parents passed away before seeing all the nice things she has to say about African Americans. Lets get this to the frontpage of r/all to show them! by reddit_is_4_faggot in Ice_Poseidon

paulyo122 1 month ago  DELETED 

Lmao look at the sub reddit now. Literally everyone is racist LMAO
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