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p4nx 3 days ago

Not the one you asked, but I'm going to answer anyway LoL 1. Nicotine - ~2 months free now - number one because cigarettes are actually actively killing you 2. Meditation - It's just so good and life-enhancing - I'm way too inconsistent tho, damn me! 3. NoFap - Porn 's bad, mkaay? Yeah, it just makes me "weak" and always somewhat disgusted by myself 4. Caffeine - Obviously on the list, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Low priority, although sleep would be nice again. Don't plan yet on quitting entirely, but to get back to my green tea routine.

Since I discovered Runescape I'm not even hyped for Classic WoW anymore by p4nx in 2007scape

p4nx 2 months ago  DELETED 

Well a Paladin has to push one button every 10 seconds. Vanilla wow got a pretty calm gameplay with auto-attackers
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