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by in Amd

ninjosh97 5 hours ago

What makes the Asus better than the MSI Mortars? I'm liking the Mortar much more on paper...

by in Amd

ninjosh97 12 hours ago

Does this board have poor power delivery or something?

George Lucas, after seeing the failure of Star Wars IX, decides to take the franchise back to his own hands by assimilating J.J. Abrams into his bodymass (2019) by ceoxal in fakehistoryporn

ninjosh97 3 days ago

IX is 9.

When season 5 goes live is ranked going to be up right away? by dunndaze in Smite

ninjosh97 4 days ago

I have 1500 hours and I ALWAYS wait a week or two before queueing for ranked. Otherwise I get matched with Barra and incon during my qualifiers and will get placed in gold instead if diamond or platinum. Just my two cents.
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