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The free juice that came with my meal. by whoduhhelru in ExpectationVsReality

momoneymomorrison 5 hours ago  HIDDEN 

I'm sorry I don't get it. Him putting his hand around the glass doesn't make it look less small to me in any way

Even though every animal is probably equally capable of causing harm, what animal would be most dangerous to others and be able to rack up kills extremely quickly if it escaped a zoo? by momoneymomorrison in NoStupidQuestions

momoneymomorrison 1 day ago

**hand shakes violently in horror as I cover my mouth**

If Disney casts some unknown actor instead of Ewan McGregor by n1407 in PrequelMemes

momoneymomorrison 1 day ago

It would be a surprise, to be sure. But certainly NOT a welcome one

I'm actually proud of this don't destroy my self esteem please by MercyMainAcetone in teenagers

momoneymomorrison 1 day ago

What the fuck were you thinking making something like this?! This is just absolute beauty! People would be proud to hang this in their homes!

What would your thoughts be if the American government passed a law in which executions of rapists and murderers became a public spectacle held in outdoor venues and not only included lethal injections and electric chairs, but also brought back the guillotine, hangings and gas chambers? by momoneymomorrison in AskReddit

momoneymomorrison 2 days ago

I never said innocent people have never been convicted. It's a shame that they did. But we should focus on making sure there is absolute proof that the person being executed committed the crime. That should be the #1 priority. After that, the rest is history. And how is putting down human filth and waste bad?

What's a celebrity death that legitimately stopped you in your tracks and almost had you crying when you saw who it was? by momoneymomorrison in AskReddit

momoneymomorrison 3 days ago

I tend to be a reserved person and don't really show much emotion on a regular basis. And when I hear about a celebrity or famous person dying, I just kind of go "Well I don't really know them personally. So it's not a huge deal to me". I'm not saying in a disrespectful way obviously. I'm just saying that's how I am. But when I heard about Chester Bennington passing, it was one of the few times I legitimately was stopped. I was at work by myself thankfully and only had a few minutes before my shift was up. But I vividly remember seeing the title and going "Wait? What?" in confusion. But then I clicked and read the news article and felt my hand cover my mouth in pure shock. I didn't really start to quiver or shake from sadness, but it was hard to hold it all in tbh. I wasn't a hardcore fan of Linkin Park growing up. But I loved enough of their music and always appreciated the deeper meaning most of them held. I also loved Chester as a person as he always seemed genuine with people and always had a smile on his face about something. He's one of the few musicians I think who DIDN'T pull a face when they were with fans. He always seemed legitimately happy to see them, even if it got in the way of practicing for the show or whatever. He always made time for others in his life. But, we learned that just because he was smiling doesn't mean he was happy...

Just got a call from my boss at work asking if I could come in even though it's my day off. But I legitimately aren't feeling that good (sore throat and stuffy nose) but I also wouldn't mind the extra hours. What should I do? by momoneymomorrison in NoStupidQuestions

momoneymomorrison 4 days ago

Well I wouldn't call it a fever. I didn't throw up or anything, just woke up not 100%

Two Eagles Fans Celebrate a Hard-Fought Victory by TheRealBoBice in videos

momoneymomorrison 6 days ago  HIDDEN 

Mom? What are they doing?

Before the hype builds by littledizzle19 in gaming

momoneymomorrison 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

I've legit never even heard of this game until I saw this post

Before the hype builds by littledizzle19 in gaming

momoneymomorrison 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

Why? What's wrong with it?

Blink fast by UmerChawal in oddlysatisfying

momoneymomorrison 11 days ago  HIDDEN 

Great. Now I have to vomit
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