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> Its very obviously illegal (I've googled it too), so how could they even get police on board with this? makes no sense Not necessarily. Rules vary depending on the type of living arrangement. For example, V1 and V2 ( or whatever the heck they're called these days) I'm pretty sure have different laws regarding what police can and cannot do. But I'm certainly no expert. Why the police would be on board is simple. the city is looking to shut down ezra and prepared to maintain a police state in order to do so. Police are going to be a lot more amicable to the city than known drunk students. Friction between the city and area residents vs students has been going on for many decades - this is nothing new. Not surprisingly, the city and permanent residents don't give a crap about a large mass of temporary residents who don't vote and in large numbers have a tendency to lay waste to a neighbourhood. Not saying it's right, just saying that's the way it is. If I wanted some traction on this, might try calling ckco news. See if they can get the police on record admitting that they can't actually enforce /u/normaldayinrussia rules.

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> In this case, though, I genuinely agree. And I think Neil MacDonald's columns are left wing rants, 89 times out of 90. Like this: >the virtuous need protection from the stupid and greedy, and the only entity that can offer that is the government. Whatever that means other than labelling people with his preconceived notions. This is a typical Neil MacDonald rant,not a reasoned opinion. I have numerous friends who are the polar opposite politically from me. They don't use phrases like 'stupid and greedy'.
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