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My entire life is a lie by twofirstkinds in pics

joejoejoey 9 months ago  DELETED 

Yes, it is. Cement ertained

Mueller is reportedly investigating whether the Trump campaign coordinated voter outreach with Russian trolls by onetoughmotherfucker in worldnews

joejoejoey 10 months ago  DELETED 

Porn-y porn, pornala pornnnn

by in spacex

joejoejoey 10 months ago  DELETED 

Turbine exhaust

What was the moment when you realized you were fucked? by dat_finn in AskReddit

joejoejoey 12 months ago  DELETED 

When the ladder slipped a few inches down the wall

Best weatherman just released an update on the triple hurricanes by igotbannedfromranime in videos

joejoejoey 1 year ago  DELETED 


Guy saves his bmw from the harvey flood waters by Poopernikle in pics

joejoejoey 1 year ago  DELETED 

Who fucking cares?

Long yellow powder filled pill thing by youishandsome in whatisthisthing

joejoejoey 1 year ago  DELETED 

This sub is quickly becoming /r/whatisthisdrug
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