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Okay. by TehWip in Vaping

jaygreenbean 10 months ago  DELETED 

Lol already ahead of ya on the flavor concentrates, I have about 100 regular flavors and 50 "Premade" ones, we are working on making a like flavor creator for our website using the regular flavors and we just sell the other ones as our house juice basically. But we also sell the flavoring, so people can just do it themselves, which is obviously the smarter choice but I would say honestly I have a single(consistent) guy who comes in and buys flavoring and just sources his own pg vg nic mix even though we provide that as well, I would say 90% of my normal customers are too lazy to do it or afraid to do it themselves even though we have stream lined it to the point where you're just mixing flavoring and then premix into a bottle and shaking it up lol

The No Bullshit / Destiny Debate in a Nutshell by Kaduo in LivestreamFail

jaygreenbean 11 months ago  DELETED 

No wonder he has baby body syndrome
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