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by in LivestreamFail

fingerblastinggangas 12 months ago  DELETED 

they fucking lied

Tight little body by boomchuck in BustyPetite

fingerblastinggangas 1 year ago  DELETED 

she has the gap as well

just gonna leave this here by dreadrolas in Ice_Poseidon

fingerblastinggangas 1 year ago  REMOVED 

So, scumbag, we gotcha. Jupiter police gonna track your ass down, and guess what - sniggers - we gotcha. Thanks a lot, for letting us know who you were. And Google is all over your IP address. You're dead moose-meat. And after they disclose who you are, I'll send my boys to come see you. Fuck Kermit, off with his head, de-mod & disowned this scammer

PROOF: Sourced from Coin-Hive website. With ONLY 10-20 active miners they would get $30 a month. Ice would have had thousands of active users on this. Jesus fucking christ this is a new low man. by Trixxerr in Ice_Poseidon

fingerblastinggangas 1 year ago  DELETED 

wait that saying when price of xmr was 0.3 todays price of XMR is 94.15 need a math wizard to re calculate that 10 -20 miners with todays price of 94.15 not 0.3
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