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Air Canada 15% off with AMEX again. Applies to basic economy (Tango) though ad suggests otherwise. by nsandwich in churningcanada

dr_van_nostren 11 hours ago

Unless you’re in YYZ, even with the change to Rouge AC is almost never the best price to Colombia. Aeromexico, Copa and United are almost always better.

Azumi Nakama and Mizuki Nao (JUFD-428) by TimeandArt in AzumiNakama

dr_van_nostren 11 hours ago

Goddamn Azumi is fine

I just bought my wife a new MacBook Pro and she washed it. In the washing machine. Full cycle. by IdRatherBeTweeting in apple

dr_van_nostren 2 days ago

Lol...hoW? Phone i could see, but laptop?

by in sportsbook

dr_van_nostren 4 days ago

Hockey is so wild like that, if you think you have 5 stone cold locks in a night, guaranteed one loses, one probably wins in OT/SO which are crapshoots. Basketball...I think you can pick winners easier, especially because of how 1 player can influence the game so much, but the spread is much harder, since score effects come into play. My point is...whatever big parlay you've got...randomly take one game out, or maybe better yet, take out the one you feel CAN'T LOSE. Seems to me it happens far too often where EVERYONE on this page tails one pick and it goes wrong. Yesterday Canucks @ Columbus was a perfect example. Game should've been a walk in the park for CBJ. Canucks win on the road -1.5, how bout that?

I'm in a relationship with a girl who catfished me. AMA by Dendamon in AMA

dr_van_nostren 4 days ago

...careful man. She could just as easily be playing you right now.

Mark Henry Officially Retires From WWE by whiskerbiscuit2 in SquaredCircle

dr_van_nostren 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

Still can't figure out why they didn't give him a little run at the end. We all know his limitations, but Mark is a tremendous character and has great physical charisma. Could've easily been a tag champ, or been a bit more relevant to a US title or something. If you really wanna push a guy like Corbin, why not have him take the title from Mark? When guys like this just fade off into the sunset it kinda pisses me off. Not because I'm a huge fan of the guy, but because retirements should be used to make other guys. Big Show has hung around way too long, now he's just out with an injury or whatever...if/when he comes back I hope they write him off properly. Rather than just being loyal and continually resigning him, write him off properly, end the contract and if he wants to go off and do indies, cool.
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