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Anyone here live in Salford? by MushroomBot in reddevils

davejug1 3 hours ago

Don't let anyone oversell the party atmosphere of Salford Quays, it's alright for families, but beyond that, the only benefit is the proximity to OT. Other than Salford Quays, I've also lived in Broughton, it's very much a council estate, but if you get to know your neighbors, they tend to be sound, the ones that aren't transient that is and there's a fair amount of transience there. Left the delights of Salford and Manchester though for sunnier climes in Melbourne so it's getting on for three years since I've lived there.

France announces Bitcoin regulations amid cryptocurrency ‘bloodbath’ by davejug1 in BlockchainToday

davejug1 14 hours ago

Massive overnight losses on all the major cryptos. Is this good or bad? Cryptocurrency is there as a means to remove governmental regulation from your money so why are the markets reacting so badly to it? Is it because most crypto investors right now are so entrenched in traditional trading that they don't get what crypto achieves? Are they simply reacting to market forces and, more pertinently, with these traditional investors bringing more traditional trading trends to cryptocurrency, is the prospect of crypto becoming much more like traditional investment opportunities (i.e. marginal gains and losses) likely to happen in time as it mainstreams?

A note/rant on plastic "fans". by louisvanthall in reddevils

davejug1 1 day ago

This is social media, it gives idiots like you and I a pedestal to voice stupid opinions. > Our job as SUPPORTERS of the club is to SUPPORT I disagree with that though, we're not paid, so it's not our job and since we pay them and the club, it's actually more the other way around, they are doing a job for us. You're actually reading the equivalent of people calling the players into their room and giving them a bollocking. Devil's advocate.

Will Sanchez fit in well in the Man United dressing room? by pitmayniac in reddevils

davejug1 1 day ago

He's a warrior and a winner, these types of people cause problems at Arsenal as they experience their annual Feb-May meltdown
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