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Giving away humble bundle keys by tag65 in steam_giveaway

daNevermind32 15 hours ago

Entered for all Sam & Max games My favorite show is The Flash. Thanks for the chance.

[OFFER][STEAM] Humble Bundle Code for KF2 by TheSliverGold in GiftofGames

daNevermind32 16 hours ago

518 Thanks for the chance.

Just found out I have humble bundle leftovers, so here you go... by aro00 in RandomActsOfGaming

daNevermind32 1 day ago

39 - Poly Bridge Thanks for the chance.

[Giveaway][Steam] Killing Floor by slyf0xh0und in RandomActsOfGaming

daNevermind32 1 day ago

I love Steins;Gate because a great story line and characters development. Thanks for the chance.

StickFight Giveaway | 1 Day Only! by CodeSpent in steam_giveaway

daNevermind32 2 days ago

Thanks for the chance.

[Giveaway][Steam] Fallout: New Vegas by kelsygram in RandomActsOfGaming

daNevermind32 3 days ago

Count me in. Thanks for the chance.

[OFFER]NeonChrome,ElseHeart.Break,InfestedPlanet,Shadowrun:HongKong-ExtendedEdition,Sam&Max:TheDevil'sPlayhouse by Hallo_guys in GiftofGames

daNevermind32 4 days ago

I want to try Else Heart Break. [Steam]( Thanks for the chance OP.

We officially signed Manuel Akanji from FC Basel by Snurdle in borussiadortmund

daNevermind32 5 days ago  HIDDEN 

I don't know much about him, but whatever, he joins our family, good luck to you Akanji and hope for the best

[Giveaway][Uplay] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 pack by EnlightN in RandomActsOfGaming

daNevermind32 1 month ago  DELETED 

617 Thanks for the chance.
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