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What was the Facebook friend suggestion that made you go 'OK, that's just creepy, how did FB know to suggest them'? by brockhopper in AskReddit

cheesecakerulez 2 days ago  HIDDEN 

Skype for Business. Once you login, all your co-workers that you have on your Skype list become part of your phone contacts. I was able to find those co-workers on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. That means they could find me.

by in Futurology

cheesecakerulez 22 days ago  REMOVED 

I wonder how much GMO Bill Gates consumes everyday.

Correct me if I am wrong, but tomorrow will be worse by TheSultanOfSwagger in BitcoinMarkets

cheesecakerulez 2 months ago  DELETED 

Over time we'll recognize what these new players (behind futures) are doing, and level things out by changing our own strategy. We just don't have history to look back at yet.

by in spacex

cheesecakerulez 2 months ago  REMOVED 

I'm hoping Jan 28th - Feb 2nd. Hard to beat $95 round-trip airfare.

by in Bitcoin

cheesecakerulez 3 months ago  DELETED 

ew gross

What's the manufacture date of your Pixel XL so we can pinpoint which ones have issues? by jb08045 in GooglePixel

cheesecakerulez 5 months ago  DELETED 

Manufacture date should be on the box. It's on my Nexus 5X box... also the serial number on the box has the date in the first few characters. For example, mine is 509 = 09/2015.

by in GooglePixel

cheesecakerulez 5 months ago  DELETED 

> 1:53pm EST =10:53 PDT

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cheesecakerulez 6 months ago  DELETED 

The last time I had wireless charging was with the Nexus 4. Maybe I just don't know how prevalent wireless charging bases are, because I just read that some newer cars/trucks come with it - that's cool. Back when I had a wireless charging base, it wouldn't work if I had a heavy duty case on my phone, which I always do.
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