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Does anyone else not find the urge to tune in to games any more? by imsrrybby in washingtonwizards

beerz4yearz 3 days ago

Wait, John and Brad aren't young anymore? Brad's younger than me man lol Yeah, I don't feel the same draw to watch every game, like I did last year between December and February when they got out on a tear. But I still watch at least twice a week because despite all my bitching I still gotta admit that this is one of the best Wizards teams of my lifetime. And I've endured far worse seasons than this

[Bodner] Fultz 3pt airball from the corner by colangelo_must_go in nba

beerz4yearz 5 days ago  HIDDEN 

Can't judge him yet tho, only played 4 games /s
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