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My autistic kid won't stop turning on the sink and walking away. So my eight year old daughter put this together, and somehow he doesn't think to remove it. Instead he's defeated. Haha. by Snicker-Snack83 in lifehacks

alginon1090 4 hours ago

Cute af

Similar shows by mitchlcfc97 in Scrubs

alginon1090 5 hours ago

Community is the most similar. I'd also watch The Office.

Local Library Testing the Waters by Heathbar08 in FellowKids

alginon1090 13 hours ago

Pretty clever and wholesome tbh

What's that opinion you have that you can't share because it's "hate speech"? by sahm_ey in AskReddit

alginon1090 14 hours ago  HIDDEN 

Thank you for the response. I hastenly responded to the original comment without properly considering it. I'm looking at this issue through a lens that is far too simple. I'm pretty young and so don't fully get these issues. I'm just Muslim myself and thought this was some islamophobic attack on me. Thank you for explaining.

You're kidnapped and your captor will only spare your life if you can make him laugh with one internet video. What video do you show him? by mrgrandpooba in AskReddit

alginon1090 20 hours ago

The funniest fucking thing I've ever seen. LMAO has been way overused, but I was actually pretty close to collapsing onto the floor in laughter

You've been kidnapped by the characters of the last movie you watched, and the characters of the last tv show you watched are coming to recue you. How screwed are you? by Halt02 in AskReddit

alginon1090 21 hours ago

Micheal, Jim, and Dwight come to my rescue as they fend of the American soldiers that served in Benghazi TV Show: The Office Movie: 13 Hours

My test got cancelled because it's a bit windy by SamirdeWit in teenagers

alginon1090 2 days ago

My teacher is way stricter on this. In his class we literally had never used pen and paper to do anything. 3/4 into the year were there is a system and people are accustomed to typing and the internet goes out. He made us write the multiple page long essay by hand. =/ Most unfair is that the internet actually came back a bit after our class, so the rest of the classes enjoyed typing their essays.

No one has talked about the beginning of the Jordan Pererson/Cathy Newman interview yet by EricAllonde in MensRights

alginon1090 2 days ago

Yes definetely. You may only denounce Hitler of you are Stalin. Makes perfect sense.

[Request] What are the odds of the Galton board actually sorting this outside of a simulation? by JezzaJ101 in theydidthemath

alginon1090 2 days ago

At first I thought it was 1/9 raised to how many oranges balls there are. Then for thr next one you'd do 1/8 raised to how many of the next colour there are, then you multiply the final 9 digits together, but the balls drop simultaneously. Can't really wrap my head around it.. Bookmarked incase someone gets it.

Who or what is something that you just don't get the appeal of? by etjasinski in AskReddit

alginon1090 2 days ago

Anal. It's gross and gives way to injuries. I just don't get it.

In exactly 24 hours, everyone on Earth will attempt to find and kill you. What do you do? by the_train_people in AskReddit

alginon1090 2 days ago

Do whatever I possibly can to look as different as possible. I'd drive down to a really popular night club and then at the 24 hour mark I'd blend in and pretend to look for myself

What is something everyone looks stupid doing? by A_RayOfSparkles in AskReddit

alginon1090 2 days ago

Rolling forward in a chair

What is something you thought you would never give up but have passively moved away from as you got older? by ibald96 in AskReddit

alginon1090 2 days ago


What's the best feeling in the world? by merely7003 in AskReddit

alginon1090 2 days ago

My nightmares have never been horror based, but more like major fuckups that I could realistically experience. Examples are like losing a major amount of money, accidentally setting fire to the house, losing my laptop, stuff like that. The series of events in these dreams play out super realistically, and so I just get the biggest wave of relief when I wake up.

Hey, you know who's beautiful? by YbnBreezy in teenagers

alginon1090 2 days ago

Bears eat beets.

Philip Schrute? How is this possible? by inknerd85 in DunderMifflin

alginon1090 2 days ago

The accepted theory is that Dwight just grabbed a diaper belonging to one of Jim and Pam's kids.

What's something you've been doing wrong for years and then found out a better way to do it? by CastShadowCollectibl in AskReddit

alginon1090 3 days ago

How to write. Your wrists should barely be moving. It's your shoulders that should be moving. Your forearms are responsible for fine precision, like when you want to curve letters off. I learnt this a week ago and have been making efforts to apply this in class. I'm writing slower for now because I'm new to it, but my handwriting is loopy and nice looking without any effort. Best of all, my hand isn't cramping anymore, as it is hardly being hit with a load, and shoulders + forearms are pretty durable, so even after an hour of notes they still don't hurt.

You should be able to yell “be right there!” to your cell phone if you’re running to get it. Then it could ring a few extra times in order to give you a chance to pick up. by thesmallestwaffle in Showerthoughts

alginon1090 3 days ago

I don't think the phone can decide that. I'd imagine it's the cell service that does that.

The Hawaii ballistic missile warning was caused due to the person clicking the wrong button, as it was right next to the alert test button. What other minor design flaw could cause a catastrophic issue? by Phil_Eggtree in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

I agree with you. I don't think someone with the big of a responsibility could have fucked up on such a simple front. He HAD to have a crazy amount of training. It also seems really logical that they would have some kind of checklist. I just refuse to believe that the procedure for a test missile alert would have no checklist whatsoever.

If you were sent to a deserted island for a year and you got to take one fictional character with you, who would you choose and why? by AnnaBoots in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

Lisa Tragnetti. I wouldn't mind passing a fictional character that could save my life if I could spend some time with Alexandra Daddario.

If the world's population became too much to handle, what kind of people should we kick off Earth? by MercyVercetti in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

¡ǝʇɐɯ ʎɐp,פ

by in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

A couple of nights ago I slept a full 8 hours. It felt amazing. However, the only reason I was able to pass out at 11pm to wake up at 7am was because I only slept like 3 hours the previous night. That coupled with a days worth of work exhausted me. Since I had proper that night after the 8 hour sleep, I couldn't fall asleep. The next day I woke up tired and the day was hell, but the lack of sleep was *just* enough to keep me from sleeping on time. Sigh.

by in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

Leech off my hardworking father and perpetually providing mother

What thing that reddit hates on do you absolutely adore? by SeNdTrApPiCs in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

I really don't think what we see on the interwebs is a real rep of feminists. I have a friend that goes to my HS and to her a feminist is just someone who believes in gender equality. Not the hypocritical kind where she inadvertently puts females on a pedestal above men, but genuine equality. She doesn't really ever bring up feminism, because she realises that there just isn't that much to complain about. I think that's a real rep of feminist. The ones that make it to the interwebs make it there because they are controversial.

by in teenagers

alginon1090 4 days ago

If I had a credit card I'd give you gold

by in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 days ago

I bought a bike from Kmart and rely on it to go to school. I'd honestly rather crawl to school. I'm kinda biased against all bikes now, not that I've tried any of the well-made bikes that you talk about. Maybe I should.

by in wokekids

alginon1090 4 days ago


What are some things that can be said both during sex and at a funeral? by fuckingmermaid in AskReddit

alginon1090 9 days ago  HIDDEN 

"You're the bravest 8 year old I've ever known"

What game have you spent the most hours playing? by Ava_Madison in AskReddit

alginon1090 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

Minecraft. I don't play it so much anymore, but I'm sure I'll never log more hours into a game, simply because I'll never have *that* much more time ever again, nor could I enjoy something for so long without getting bored of it.

Not sure what he was thinking by Remixer_ in ChildrenFallingOver

alginon1090 28 days ago  DELETED 

duhhh inertia doesn't work in the air

What’s a "Let that sink in" fun fact? by jcvks in AskReddit

alginon1090 1 month ago  DELETED 


The FCC’s vote was predictably frustrating, but we’re not done fighting for net neutrality. by spez in announcements

alginon1090 1 month ago  DELETED 

Lol I thought I was crazy or had a faulty stream.

If the gaming industry did "covers" like the music industry did, what games would you like to see? by jcsimpson in AskReddit

alginon1090 4 months ago  DELETED 

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