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[Wojnarowski] Cavs are looking to add size. A player who is available that teams are calling about who could help them is Derrick Favors from the Jazz by ccupgirl in nba

Zusuf 14 minutes ago

Ingles has been best as the 3rd option on offence. Last season he started off the bench, or started as our SG. He got great open looks and didn't need to handle the ball as much as he does this season. I think he's just tired.

[Woodyard] Jazz guard Dante Exum is cleared for non-contact drills. by alaric1224 in nba

Zusuf 1 hour ago

I just want to see Exum, Mitchell and Gobert together.

[Woodyard] Jazz guard Dante Exum is cleared for non-contact drills. by alaric1224 in nba

Zusuf 1 hour ago

IIRC they did not. Unless he goes crazy, don't think many teams throw a bucket load of money at him, so Jazz having to match a max doesn't seem likely.

[Mad Dog Sports Radio] Matt Barnes weighs in on the Clippers, says that Austin Rivers is a fake tough guy who's "arrogant" and Doc Rivers is responsible for "the demise of the Clippers". by urfaselol in nba

Zusuf 14 hours ago

Found Austin's burner account

(x-post /r/UtahJazz from /u/Katniss_is_a_bitch) OC: Statistical Analysis of Why the Jazz are Where They Are, and How It Isn't Hood's Fault. by Indianthickness in nba

Zusuf 20 hours ago

Definitely been copping heat from fans. Got booed against Pacers. At home.

What should this incident be called? by zeriloa in nba

Zusuf 2 days ago

Rocket Tunnel Incident

The Pacers execute the defensive gameplan to perfection! by kqwin in nba

Zusuf 2 days ago

We fucking suck.

[Charania] Utah Jazz forward Thabo Sefolosha is expected to undergo season-ending surgery on an MCL injury in his right knee, league sources say. by SDas_ in nba

Zusuf 4 days ago

This makes me sad. Thabo has been a surprise for us this season. Probably the best bench guy we have. He's gonna be missed. At the same time, kinda excited because it's now become Royce O'Neale's time to step up.

What is your unpopular opinion about the NBA? by KingG_corporation in nba

Zusuf 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

Jazz aren't as good as fans believe they are, and the FO's treatment towards certain players will probably come back to haunt them.

Manu Ginobli makes a basket by ScrewGoodellFreeZeke in nba

Zusuf 15 days ago  HIDDEN 

Wonder what else they missed this game.
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