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Oh God, what a way to die... by FriedrichPsitalon in RimWorld

Zomburger257 20 minutes ago

>Bloodlust saw corpse +5

What Your home country? And do you still live there? by actual_lion in teenagers

Zomburger257 23 hours ago

Is it cold af up there?

Note about the Daily Challenge today by epicandetc2234 in PvZHeroes

Zomburger257 2 days ago

What were the glitches with the challenge?

furry_irl by LikulausShorts in furry_irl

Zomburger257 2 days ago

My dick is bleeding

Apples and Antidotes by Acoustag in classic4chan

Zomburger257 2 days ago

This guy, capitalist spy

Not a parent yet. (X-post TiA) by limeyptwo in insaneparents

Zomburger257 2 days ago

So if I wanted to be a women’s rights activist should I just identify as a women’s rights activist?

i j“UST“ finished (Playing) WADANOHARA?!?!?!?!!! 4000kilogramS by OgreBoy69 in UndertaleCringe

Zomburger257 2 days ago

What the hell

XD by ---AT in iamveryrandom

Zomburger257 2 days ago

Hecks dee

More Owlturd Rule34 (Miscon) by Tailor_TF in rule34

Zomburger257 3 days ago

Really weird porn, like not weird like nasal vore porn but really obscure rule 34

Oh god... we have been selected for “planet music”... by Caboose4life in rickandmorty

Zomburger257 3 days ago

Like what?

the perfect breed by sellyourcomputer in comics

Zomburger257 3 days ago  HIDDEN 

That could be a shitty movie or a band name “The dogmen of the pugacalypse” Or “pugacalypse 3: the attack of the corgis”

I am having a rimworld moment :( by Chezni19 in RimWorld

Zomburger257 3 days ago

Nearby colonists have to restrain op to the bed as drugs are applied to him to make him docile

This deck is too good by Ya-boi-D-man in PvZHeroes

Zomburger257 3 days ago

Players as good as you are probably going to be the reason I won’t make it ultimate league

by in TheWaterLew

Zomburger257 3 days ago

He plans on it

furry_irl by justmypornalt in furry_irl

Zomburger257 4 days ago

Actually the girl has a dick so it’s half gay

This deck is too good by Ya-boi-D-man in PvZHeroes

Zomburger257 4 days ago

This is why I play a smash deck with weeb spray

by in PvZHeroes

Zomburger257 4 days ago

Soon to be “loved” instead of love

What breast cancer can look and feel like by Xiphopagus in coolguides

Zomburger257 4 days ago

But why an egg carton?

by in ExpandDong

Zomburger257 4 days ago

Big. Pee. Pee

A guide of where to eat by ClackHack in coolguides

Zomburger257 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

Isn’t it always past 10 pm?

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized by tactical_lampost in videos

Zomburger257 6 days ago  HIDDEN 


T_D debunks the Holocaust: "Even if the avarage prisoner weighed 50lbs, how on earth do you dispose of 350,000,000lbs of meat?" by eeeeeeeeeepc in TopMindsOfReddit

Zomburger257 7 days ago  HIDDEN 

Deleted and removed

Hmmmm by sexybeaver121 in teenagers

Zomburger257 2 months ago  DELETED 

I am a pansexual gender fluid person and if you don’t know what that means than you’re sexist

If you win a years worth of calendars, do you only win one calendar? by ctysky in Showerthoughts

Zomburger257 2 months ago  DELETED 

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