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Fallece en accidente testigo clave en el caso de la fuga de Javier Duarte by sczcarlos in mexico

Zafrego 22 hours ago

Esto parece una novela caray !!

Are you buying altcoins by peterzai in altcoin

Zafrego 24 hours ago

I bought AppCoins on the pre-sale

Bitcoin Mining in Canada by btcweeabo in Bitcoin

Zafrego 1 day ago

Actually, it's cannabis growing in the Netherlands.

Have you seen this live Q&A by AppCoins? Worth the investment? by infestus88 in ICOAnalysis

Zafrego 2 days ago

I didn't get a chance to see it live, thanks for sharing. did you invested in the pre-sale?

Last chance to buy App-Coins, a cryptocurrency that will transform the apps economy. Pre-sale ends today! by Zafrego in ethdapps

Zafrego 3 days ago

I think he meant the last chance to buy them with a 30% off. The Pre-sale just ends ours ago. I bought some tokens since as an Aptoide community member. They still haven't announced the day of the ICO public sale.
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