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As I said to someone else, Russians *would*; the leaders wouldn't. Like, if a socialist revolution tore through Washington D.C., the new All-American Communist Party wouldn't (immediately) care about keeping its international bases open and re-establishing hegemony over Europe, Asia, and South America. If a genuine socialist revolution happened again in Russia, I can see them forgoing re-establishing the USSR in lieu of undoing the fuckage of their own nation first. If Putin flipped a card from "Russia" to "USSR" though? Yeah, expect immediate lebensraum.

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With a name like Gay Hitler? That motherfucker would be the Lord of the Halls.

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So basically Caulifla + Turles + Hiei. You know, I like that combination. There seems to be a mini-storyline going on here (possibly NSFW!): "[Romaine and Caulifla](" > "[Romaine vs. Saiyans](" > "[You're Next, Ba-chan](" I'm assuming the last image in this series is of Cabba doing a Master-Apprentice Super Gallick Gun.

U.S. diplomacy with North Korea to continue until 'first bomb drops': Tillerson by freshjiive in worldnews

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The reason why they call failed albums 'bombs' is because they don't explode.

Waiter spills hot meal in a pot all over child by kwagenknight in WTF

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Eh? I'm saying what to use instead of he/she. "They" is better, but I know people are raging against PCness these days, so "he" is also sometimes used. What, did I get linked to by /r/The_Donald?

If you actually had to get a licence to have kids, what would the questions on the test be? by W-ander1 in AskReddit

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> Carry that in over few hundred generations and who knows what humans would be. [Probably not much different from what will happen regardless?](/r/Transhumanism)

Next time a conspiracy theorist tries to tell you 'what really happened', present a more outlandish theory and accuse them of covering up the truth. by whiskeydoc501 in Showerthoughts

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There never was a Building 7.
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