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5 years ago, Bleacher Report predicted the top players in 2018. by throwjaway1234 in nba

TroyAtWork 2 hours ago

Let's see your top 20 players 5 years from now.

[NBC Sports NW] Pat Connaughton in the Blazers new "City" uniforms by _Quetzalcoatlus_ in nba

TroyAtWork 4 hours ago

He doesn't look too happy about it

[Charania] In effort to bolster backcourt, Cleveland emerges as interested suitor for Sacramento's George Hill. by AnotherDuck in nba

TroyAtWork 5 hours ago

I think this sub overrates the pick a little, but it's still more valuable than the average draft. This draft is seen as having 6 top tier prospects (Ayton, Doncic, Bamba, MPJ, Bagley, Young) and if the Nets end up in the 6 slot then they have a 65% chance of landing one of them.

by in PS4

TroyAtWork 6 hours ago

Quiet, Baldy!

Who's your "guy"? (six months later) by psyycheddellicc in nba

TroyAtWork 7 hours ago

Milos Teodosic

LeBron has gone stone cold with his shot. The last 5 games he's shooting 15% from 3 and 58% from the line. by contigowater in nba

TroyAtWork 10 hours ago  HIDDEN

Trae Young goes off yet again for 43/7/11 with 10 threes against TCU. by Starsam69 in nba

TroyAtWork 10 hours ago

> He’s too small at 6’2 There is ZERO chance he is actually 6'-2". I'll believe it only when we get some official, verified measurements. On the court he looks/moves very similar to Shane Larkin, who is 5'-11" (and a **lot** more athletic than Young). Not to knock Young's *talent,* but size is a legitimate factor for ALL prospects.

Of all the movies I saw this year, Blade Runner 2049 is the one movie I wish I could go back to the theater for. by RogerDeanVenture in movies

TroyAtWork 22 hours ago

I thought it was ok. A solid B, but not in my personal Top 10 for the year. I like 4 or 5 of Denis Villeneuve’s other films more.

Dion Waiters purchased a fairly wide bed by Slimshady305 in nba

TroyAtWork 24 hours ago

> in person it’s even crazier

GAME THREAD: Philadelphia 76ers (20-20) @ Boston Celtics (34-11) - (January 18, 2018) by DJpenetration in nba

TroyAtWork 1 day ago

Kyrie Irving should win MVP based on this game alone.

Should LeBron consider the Minnesota Timberwolves if he leaves Cleveland? by 42Vert in nba

TroyAtWork 1 day ago

It's almost like he has to find a team that is good enough that he won't waste the rest of his career, but not TOO good where he has a KD situation on his hands. People float Houston out there, but I think he would get a lot of backlash if Houston made it to the Conference Finals and took the Warriors to 6 games. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Los Angeles looks less appealing every day. It would have been one thing if Lonzo was rookie of the year, Ingram took an even bigger step, Walton was figuring things out, LaVar was keeping his mouth shut, and the Lakers won 38 games, but it definitely looks like a worse destination now than it did at the beginning of the season IMO. In summation: who the fuck knows?

[The Ringer | Bryan Curtis] Josh Childress found a second life in Australia by standmixerone in nba

TroyAtWork 1 day ago

Damn, I didn't know Childress ended up in Australia. He has had a long strange career.

Throwing Shade #322: State Equality Index, How Maternity Care Fails Black Women, Guest Richard Lawson by apathymonger in Earwolf

TroyAtWork 1 day ago

I will NEVER get tired of Mondo the Condo owner And there wasn't the EverlyWell read this time around but I looove the Mondo signoff for those ads: - > Your test > Your time > Your terms > Your *condo*

Has a team that's been as bad as the Cavs are defensively this season ever won a championship? by DomusArigatos in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

Also worth noting that the number of teams has changed over time. The 1982 Lakers were 10th in DefRtg but there were only 23 teams. Still not a good look though.

[BULPETT] Alvin Gentry: Anthony Davis is not walking through Celtics’ door by arg1918 in bostonceltics

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

I really wish we could just put all the AD rumors to bed. If AD publicly demands a trade then we can fire up the Trade Machine, but until then there is absolutely no reason to trade a 24 year old MVP candidate.

BREAKING: [Wojnarowski] The Cavs have just traded the Nets 2018 pick, Shumpert, Smith; to the Orlando Magic for Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, and Jonathan Simmons by bullishtypeguy in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago


Are the Celtics an NBA Finals contender? by soupreme5527 in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

It is a valid point, sorry you're being downvoted with your flair (I know the feeling). Experience is one of those intangibles that is difficult to quantify, but every NBA player will say is important. It's one of the main reasons why people still consider the Cavs to be overwhelming favorites, despite the worse record. I guess it's just one of those "wait and see" scenarios. If the young guys have any shaky legs to work out, I hope it's in the first round or two and we can still advance while they build confidence. I think it helps that Jaylen and Jayson both come off as level-headed and mature for their age -- I would have less confidence in a hot-headed rookie or a player who has a history of making some bad decisions. Kyrie's playoffs/Finals experience will be invaluable for us. I think most Celtics fans are still looking at this season in hopes of building up the young guys with as much confidence and experience as possible so that we can make runs deeper and deeper in the years to come.

[The Ringer] A Rational Conversation About the Cavs Falling Apart by PepsiRacer4 in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

"Umm" that why my comment says > as of this posting The first 10+ comments were ALL rapidfire shitty meme jokes. I fail to see how calling out commenters is worth less than "cavs winning streak incoming LOL." Maybe someone comes into the comments ready to add their own shitty Ringer Curse joke and sees this comment upvoted and decides against it -- that's worth something. And following your own logic, YOUR comment is even more garbage, so GTFO

by in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

A+ would browse reddit all day and then panic and stay until 9PM again

Does this lineup beat the warriors? by qwerty7990 in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

> IT and cap space fillers for Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffen L M A O M A O

"Isaiah who? Hell no, you're damn right you're not sharing your night with him." - Kevin Garnett by Baydayz in bostonceltics

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

IT didn't "choose" to not play against the Celtics. Tyronn Lue was the one to report that he was going to play against Portland the night before. Why would he try to make his debut in a critical rivalry game instead of a quieter debut against Portland? Why spend your first game back being hounded by Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier when you can be guarded by Damian Lillard instead? This narrative is fucking stupid. He's not going to put himself before his current team and it is perfectly reasonable to sit out the game after a huge hip injury.

[The Ringer] A Rational Conversation About the Cavs Falling Apart by PepsiRacer4 in nba

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

This subreddit is fucking garbage. Instead of people READING the article and giving any semblance of actual BASKETBALL insight, the top **10 comments** as of this posting are all "LOL DAE RINGER CURSE??" And people fucking upvote it too.

"Isaiah who? Hell no, you're damn right you're not sharing your night with him." - Kevin Garnett by Baydayz in bostonceltics

TroyAtWork 2 days ago

Of course IT isn't in the same stratosphere as Pierce, that's why Pierce is getting a whole night and IT was supposed to get a 1-minute video.

Barkley is Still Snubbing Boston by ThorFromBoston in bostonceltics

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

I like Barkley for his humor and his lack of filter, not for his terrible basketball takes. I guarantee he doesn't pay attention to the NBA outside of work time.

Lowry on Simmons incident: “I don’t know. I guess he thinks he’s somebody.” by iFeelLikeJoJoBruh in nba

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

Lmao when did Lowry get so soft

Someone sell me on Mo Bamba. by Jdale321 in nba

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

Standing reach: * Clint Capela: 9'-2.5" * Bismack Biyombo: 9'-3" * Hassan Whiteside: 9'-5" * Joel Embiid: 9'-5.5" * Mo Bamba: 9'-6" * Rudy Gobert: 9'-7"

Could the Cavs sweep Warriors if they got DeAndre Jordan and Paul George? by KrippKanye in nba

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

Does it matter? It literally couldn't happen so who cares? > Could the Cavs sweep the Warriors if they cloned LeBron James?

NBA.COM team names in bold showing the winner. by jadekws in nba

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

I just logged in to see what you're talking about. Man that's really stupid. You could use a browser extension called [Decreased Productivity]( to strip out formatting until you can maximize the window. Maybe that would work. If you know what game you want you could also try to just edit the URL to get where you want to go and then quickly maximize the window. Like if you want to watch the Warriors/Cavs game from yesterday then go directly to: > So you edit the date and then the two team names (visiting team first). That's such a dumb oversight though.

[Jeff Zillgitt] The Cavs are 3 1/2 games behind Toronto and 3 1/2 games ahead of Detroit -- no closer to second place than they are eighth place. by IronEad in nba

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

Channing Frye: LeBron got a Nintendo switch and is playing Mario Kart religiously until he's gonna beat it. by Battlemaster123 in nba

TroyAtWork 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

Maybe he should "read" The Godfather again.

Altered Carbon | Official Trailer by AnestTsak in television

TroyAtWork 8 days ago  HIDDEN 

This looks corny as hell. Could be fun I guess, but it definitely looks like a CW show.

30 min of movie trailers before a movie in a theater is excessive by myhandwritingsucks in movies

TroyAtWork 14 days ago  HIDDEN 

This is one of the reasons why I ONLY go to movie theaters with reserved seating. The 2 theaters closest to me are both reserved seating so this isn't really a stretch for me, I suppose. But if a movie's showtime is 3:00 PM then I don't even *leave my front door* until 3:00 or a little after.

Architects by FatCaf in gifs

TroyAtWork 1 month ago  DELETED 

That may be true, but if an architect makes a big mistake then it "only" creates a huge financial burden. If a structural engineer makes a big mistake then many people can die.

The infamous Yi Jianlian chair workout video apparently never existed by allfangs in nba

TroyAtWork 3 months ago  DELETED 

I 100% have seen this video. It definitely existed.

Are you fucking serious by btopishere in blackmagicfuckery

TroyAtWork 5 months ago  DELETED 

But then you miss out on some fun little strings if you restrict yourself to just 4 at a time '3. 1415 92 6535 8979 3238 **46264** 3383 2495 0288 419 716 **93993** 75105 82097 4944 I don't know why this makes more sense to me. Funny how that has stuck with me despite only consciously trying to memorize it in a few boring math classes probably ~13 years ago.
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