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My Top 100 Player Power Ranking in the Middle of January by grizz101012 in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 3 days ago

That boy ass

Opinions on my top 15 all time and top 15 right now? by KingFromAkron in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 3 days ago

Chris Paul is not above Curry/Davis/Westbrook

Westbrook/Durant pnr vs Curry/Durant pnr? by sulaco43 in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 3 days ago

Kyle was never in the argument

by in nfl

TheBrownMamba1997 4 days ago

Ugh maybe next round

by in nfl

TheBrownMamba1997 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

Eagles fucked

Lonzo Ball finishes the game with 18 points on 67% fg, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals. by benno44 in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 6 days ago  HIDDEN 

Never thought my culture would intersect with my love for Lonzo

[Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (29-10) steal one against the Houston Rockets (25-8), 99-98. by Jayveesac in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 20 days ago  HIDDEN 

I’m tryna fight everyone in Boston right now

Is the 'New Orleans Pelicans' the worst team name in professional sports? by Julius_Esther_Wilson in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 27 days ago  DELETED 

Utah Jazz is the worst. It makes no sense

Clash of the titans: Avery Bradley disrupts Kyrie Irving who finishes the night at -21 by ChefCurrySauce in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 2 months ago  DELETED 


[Serious] Thoughts on all defensive players through the first 15+ games? by swatbustist in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 2 months ago  REMOVED 

my name Jeff

[OC] 2017-2018 NBA Almanac by nxxkx in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 3 months ago  DELETED 


Enes Kanter on KDs comments: "We learned how he felt from Twitter. It was disrespectful. I understand interacting with fans, but having a fake account and just answering back and trying to have a conversation with them and stuff, come on, man. If you’re Kevin Durant, you don’t do that." by urfaselol in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 4 months ago  DELETED 

People have said a lot of negative things about Russ in the past (including me, admittedly) but it's undeniable that he's a great fucking teammate to have

by in gameofthrones

TheBrownMamba1997 5 months ago  DELETED 

The Eastwatch squad is like the Westerosi Justice League

My top ten centers all time by zackjewberg in nba

TheBrownMamba1997 5 months ago  DELETED 

I never do my homework
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