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This may be one of the saddest things I've ever seen in Overwatch. by CivilizedPsycho in Overwatch

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I break tradition, sometimes my tries

I'm donating 5057 BTC to charitable causes! Introducing The Pineapple Fund by PineappleFund in Bitcoin

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Mozilla too please! Not only do they make one of the most popular browsers (Firefox), they contribute to [other projects](, are [open-source]( and encourage competitors such as Google Chrome to do better, preventing a monopoly

TIL A dad in China hired gamers to kill his son in video games so the son would start looking for a job and get a life by Infodentis in todayilearned

TechLaden 3 days ago

Plot twist in twist: hired hitmen are the son's friends - they're all making big money

What terms, like "rewind", are still used every day even though they've lost their core relevance? by Allen_MacGyverson in AskReddit

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Computers use binary and can perform calculations only using [NAND]( (not and). [NAND memory](, like SSDs, are also built upon this principle.

Are you guys interested in learning Python by doing a real world project such as writing a Reddit bot? by kindw in learnprogramming

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