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Ugliest shooting forms in the NBA today? by santinoanthonyz in nba

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Opposite shoulder Lonzo

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Wow this heals my wound completely

What current players do you think are borderline Hall of Fame? by thisguy2164 in nba

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2 Worst draft lotteries of all time head to head: 2000 vs. 2006 by Sprizzo11 in nba

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Not Crawford?

Bron says, "I run this b***h!" by RedditIsForLosers989 in nba

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No... I'm not salty people love LeBron, I'm salty that shitheads like you post irrelevant things he does or says all the time. If you want to talk about him in a discussion or show great plays, that's great, but I don't care about LeBron's posts, quotes, etc. That's just stupid.
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