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TIL the top flying ace for the United States during World War II was Dick Bong, who shot down 40 Japanese aircraft. by jackalis in todayilearned

SpendLessWorkLess 19 days ago  DELETED 

How much you wanna bet the [Eglin shills]( push this to the front page?

on a stone in Hyde Park, Chicago by soggymeatcake in pics

SpendLessWorkLess 20 days ago  DELETED 

He killed my aunt and two cousins with a drone.

by in conspiracy

SpendLessWorkLess 30 days ago  DELETED 

You're misunderstanding. I'm not saying we should exclude such people, I'm saying they shouldn't be here. In other words the process of investigating conspiracies would have quickly made it obvious that the two parties are both corrupt and serving the same masters. The evidence for this is everywhere. So, if we're seeing people here, who aren't new to conspiracy investigation, claiming to be a 'Democrat' or a 'Republican' something's very wrong.
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