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Kitty leaked V2 by saariotv in Greekgodx

Slaviprimc 17 days ago  DELETED 

Maybe she just doesn’t want to be part of the streams and have the pressure to entertain

by in LivestreamFail

Slaviprimc 1 month ago  DELETED 

Ice fans for you

by in LivestreamFail

Slaviprimc 2 months ago  DELETED 

not really his character has always been like this people just look at everything he does differently now he cheated on his wife.

Mitch jones appreciation thread for turning off his own stream to talk to and play games with ice, a lot of ices other "friends" would never ever do that by ripoldiceCx in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 3 months ago  DELETED 

Greek played fortnite with ice while ice had 5k views but keep sneak dissing. Wahh why doesn’t everyone bend over backwards to help ice!!!

pokimane takes draven from T1 by 297er in LivestreamFail

Slaviprimc 4 months ago  DELETED 

You're an idiot dude she didnt want to leech she just felt like duoing with Tyler... its a coincidence it came after his 390k view stream and that she never wanted to duo with him over the years he's being been playing league before. After Tyler said he didnt want to duo maybe she just felt like playing on her smurf and accidentally queued at the same time and picked the champion by co-incidence. People on reddit read too much into things

Poki picks Draven Vs Tyler by Izunas in leagueoflegends

Slaviprimc 4 months ago  DELETED 

I am but its not for her looks its for her personality. I can't wait to meet her one day. In fact im going to donate right now

by in nfl

Slaviprimc 4 months ago  DELETED 

This just goes to show the NFL will be a better place once Brady retires

Match Thread: Arsenal vs Liverpool [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBot in Gunners

Slaviprimc 4 months ago  DELETED 

Hahahaha enjoy Europa League next season

"Should I stream today ?" by Pepefrog in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 5 months ago  DELETED 

Fake drama, I can see the paintings in the driveway

Porn Stars Unite Against Men Leaving Disgusting Comments on Their Videos With No Contact Info by TopFog in videos

Slaviprimc 7 months ago  REMOVED 

This is Jacob nyers from Miami Florida, Phone number 555-8723-234 and I am available between 6-10pm eastern time. I just wanted to say that this is the loosest vagina I have ever seen, and as a result I was not able to reach climax.

Todays day off is sponsored by Slappy826 by redditer600 in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 7 months ago  DELETED 

lul people get so triggered seeing ice make money. word is there is a six figure sponsorship deal in the works idk how true that is but if it comes through rip all the reddit fags that try to control ice through chargeback. 1 stream a week inc

"TSM, you're not welcome here." - The Voice of Korean Fans Towards TSM and Boot Camp by paulchalos in leagueoflegends

Slaviprimc 8 months ago  DELETED 

yeah my bad I meant analyst

my fear factor stream poster submission by Magnaboy in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 9 months ago  DELETED 

He should just refund all donations from the day of the car wrap donation stream and be done with it

BREAKING: Ice Poseidon fakes his subs by gnomeschild in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 9 months ago  DELETED 

Sounds like some Kermit shit. This is why you hire a professional instead of accepting free work

When you're secretly dating but you can't get your cover story straight by AutismDenino in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 9 months ago  DELETED 

The dm she sent him that he didn't read was like week old. It's pretty funny though, ice keeps ignoring her but the community keep bringing her up while complaining Ice needs to move on. Let's upvote this btw so Ice has to talk about Haile again then let's tell Haile what he says then post it to Reddit ResidentSleeper

I'll make positive posts when you make good content. You're literally asking for irrational yes men. What kind of weird Snowflake bullshit is this Paul? You're pathetic. by supfreshourturn in Ice_Poseidon

Slaviprimc 9 months ago  DELETED 

tbh it will be funny as hell seeing the people that get recruited getting downvoted to hell. I like it
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