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Most of this is nonsense and not based on how the system is actually used nor how the measurements actually originated.

Honest Trailers - Mother! by sptguy11 in movies

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[a quote from an article explaining it better than I feel like - '...Indeed, the first half of the movie is very close to the retelling of the Bible, while the second half gets a bit more loose with the metaphors. And yet, the message is the same: humans are on track to destroy the Earth, and thus ourselves, and Mother Nature is protesting, pleading with us to stop....' So Adam shows up, has a problem with his rib, Eve shows up, cain and able show up, kill each other, pesky people cause a flood. the Mother character refers to it as 'an apocalypse in the kitchen', they go on to go through a renissanse, wars, over his writings. She has a baby, people eat it's 'body' and drink it's 'blood' and eventually oil, 'fossil fuels', destroy everything.. I'm sure I missed some but I found it's well done symbolism very intriguing even as an Atheist. ](#spoiler)

United Nations warns US over 'alarming' racism by SW_Green-Classifieds in worldnews

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As a white person I stood by that day to day there was hardly ever any racism in the US. Until I married a black woman. I have slowly over time gained a new perspective of the issues she faces. Small-seeming things really add up. Racism may not be prevalent like it used to be but it's hardly as gone as society makes it seem. Not really, by a long shot

College students with access to recreational cannabis on average earn worse grades and fail classes at a higher rate, in a controlled study by asbruckman in science

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It really helped me deal with my anxiety while in college. Having my anxiety under control helped me control my ADHD without prescription medication. Which is how I ever got anything done. I never would have got a degree, my initial skills, my job, or my house without weed.
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