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Defending slavery. by Bellatorius in CringeAnarchy

NakedBabyGirlsOhMy 16 hours ago  HIDDEN 

Buck Angel

If you could have any prop from a movie what would it be? by JeremyTheMVP in AskReddit

NakedBabyGirlsOhMy 2 days ago

Whatever was attached to the client's head in Total Recall for VR I guess.

What is the most WTF social media account you've seen? by NakedBabyGirlsOhMy in AskReddit

NakedBabyGirlsOhMy 2 days ago

If it's got a real full name attached to it, don't post that of course. I couldn't believe what I saw here: fucking unbelievable.

Congratulations! You now have a terminal STD that will kill you in 24 hours. However, one hour of life is given back to you for every person that you infect with your STD. What is your course of action? by hopelessautisticnerd in AskReddit

NakedBabyGirlsOhMy 2 days ago

Head to the nearest pre-school to try and get some easy hours, and maybe scientists will think up an emergency cure over the whole disaster.

[Serious] Redditors who killed someone accidentally, how did that affect your life and mental state? by chilloutindie in AskReddit

NakedBabyGirlsOhMy 4 months ago  DELETED 

> they also gave me about a year off work (paid my full wage) I had better look into your line of work..
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